Wednesday, April 1

News from Batang Ai (Part 8)

The daily update of news
from Batang Ai by-election

1. Anwar’s visit to Lubok Antu

De facto leader of Parti Keadilan Rakyat Anwar Ibrahim will arrive in Lubok Antu today (1 April) to give the Batang Ai by-election a big push. He has three programmes for Lubok Antu – one at a longhouse, second at a Malay kampong and third at Lubok Antu itself where he expects to address a crowd of 3,000 or more people.

Anwar’s visit will further enhance the chance of Jawah Gerang winning the by-election and at the same time to stop speculation that Anwar is not serious in the Batang Ai by-election.

Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) and Barisan Nasional campaigners have been telling voters that Anwar is more interested to see by-election victories in Bukit Selambau and Bukit Gantang.

2. BN campaigns are still in low key

A disgruntled member of PRS told The Broken Shield that BN campaigns are still in low key. Everything is still in disarray. Even PRS operations room at one time was left unattended. Except for visits of ministers and deputy ministers, campaigns have not begun in earnest.

This is a normal strategy of Barisan Nasional. First, they appear to be indifferent towards the campaigns so that their opponent will be lulled into complacency. Secondly they want their opponents to exhaust their resources.

They will go all out three days from polling. This will be the time they will announce more election projects or instant “noodle” projects. Each one of the Tuai Rumah will be called to the district offices where they will be coached to say “election words”. After the coaching has been done, they will bring with them “angpaus” to be distributed to their respective voters.

And the amount of “angpaus” given to Tuai Rumah is not the same, depending on the number of doors of the longhouse. On arrival at their own longhouses, the Tuai Rumah will call each one of the voters to his “bilik” and it is here that the voters receive the “angpaus” and told them to vote for the BN candidate. How can we beat this system?

3. Mussen’s shyness is confirmed

PRS secretary general Wilfred Nissom said that Malcolm Mussen, the PRS candidate for Batang Ai by-election was “smart” and carried with him years of experience in agriculture and that he would let action do the talking.

He said his shyness should not be interpreted as being lazy because Mussen “walks the talk”.

Most of our Dayak YBs are shy and when you are shy you are “malu” to ask something from anyone, in their case, from the government. Does it mean anything to you that most of the Dayak constituencies are lacking in development as compared to Malay or Chinese constituencies? So if the shy Mussen is elected, do we expect much from him as YB? Think about it.

4. PKR gets lukewarm response at Rumah Jubang

It is reported that a group of 15 men from Parti Keadilan Rakyat last Sunday evening was said to have received a poor response from Rumah Jubang Bin, Sebangkai Panjai. A resident who told Utusan Borneo said that the group had come with a loudhailer and flyers at 8.15 pm at a time when the residents were relaxing and chatting with each other.

“We saw them coming in vans and cars, and they immediately made their way to our longhouse. They went into a living room of one of our residents to hold a campaign for their party.

However, not many of us were interested to listen to them because majority of us are Barisan Nasional supporters. So, we just minded our own business and went to our respective rooms.”

Sebangki Panjai is the longhouse of the late Dublin Unting. In 2004, this longhouse was partitioned into two with one section having its own Tuai Rumah who was appointed by the late Unting.

The other partition with the original Tuai Rumah supported Jawah Gerang of PBDS during the parliamentary election. William Nyallau, an independent candidate, was supported by Unting, PRS and BN. Jawah defeated Nyallau with a 2,035 vote majority.

5. Masing says Jawah has no authority

James Masing has put the blame on Jawah Gerang for the lack of development in Lubok Antu because as an MP for 22 years Jawah did not lobby hard enough for development.

“Of course as an ordinary MP, Jawah has no authority to call or decide on the development programmes in Lubok Antu, but he should have lobbied hard for development in his area,” he said.

But Jawah refused to be blamed for not delivering development to Batang Ai in his five terms as Lubok Antu MP. If there is anyone to be blamed for lack of infrastructure projects in Batang Ai it should not be him.

“I did not hold any ministerial post when I was MP. The ministers in Sarawak could have done something to develop Batang Ai instead of focusing on their own areas like Mukah, Betong and Kapit.

“If Batang Ai or Lubok Antu is not well developed, these ministers should be the ones to be blamed. Don’t blame Jawah,”
he said.

Abdul Taib Mahmud spent billion of ringgit to develop Mukah. Although we have hydro-electric dams to produce electricity, yet Taib proposed the construction of coal-powered electricity.

This alone costs the people’s money to the tune of RM800 million. A road is also being built to link Mukah with Nanga Merit, Kapit where there are found coal deposits. In terms of road construction, ‘siapa untung’? In terms of taking coal deposits, ‘siapa untung’?

Same thing happens in Betong, the home town of Alfred Jabu. Betong gets its funds through virement of funds from other projects in other areas, resulting in these areas left with little development or no development at all. As for Kapit, Masing, although a minister, has little authority to decide on development. Just like Jawah.

6. Sng’s statement

The Broken Shield has received a statement from Dato Sng Chee Hua:

“With reference to recent articles in the local Chinese dailies, I would like to make it known that I have already retired from politics. As such I no longer involve myself in party matters and I support the Government of the day.

“I am aware that certain Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) leaders who have ill-will against me, from the fall-out in the party, are trying to accuse me of working against the interests of Barisan Nasional in Batang Ai. This is a lie. I am a BN man and I believe that BN will deliver the seat.

“I am compelled to issue this press statement in the light of the recent allegations which have no basis whatsoever against me in the media.”

Dato Sng Chee Hua
31 March 2009

7. Ng appointed as advisor to PKR candidate

A Chinese newspaper, United Daily News, reported erroneously that PKR State assemblyman Dominique Ng has replaced Nicholas Bawin as PKR director of operations for the Batang Ai state by-election.

The correct position is Ng has been appointed party advisor to the PKR candidate in Batang Ai, Jawah Gerang, and also as the coordinator for the Batang Ai by-election matters while Bawin remains as director of operations.

Selangor menteri besar and PKR national vice president Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim said on Sunday that Jawah and Bawin would be campaigning separately across the 156 longhouses in the sparsely populated state constituency.

Bawin told The Broken Shield that he and his group would continue campaign in the lower Lemanak area while Jawah and his group would be covering longhouses in the upper reaches to counter the propaganda campaign by the BN groups such as JASA, KEMAS and Agriculture Department.

Next he would move into Engkari before rounding up the campaigns in the Batang Ai resettlement areas where there are 21 longhouses.

8. SNAP to rejoin BN?

News being circulated in Batang Ai is that Sarawak National Party (SNAP) is to rejoin BN after it left the coalition in 2002 following a leadership crisis. That crisis led to the formation of Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP).

SNAP’s rejoining the BN is to be announced by UMNO president and in-coming Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak when he visits Lubok Antu in the next few days to campaign for the BN candidate.

Sources from SNAP say that making the arrangement for SNAP’s return is former Bintulu MP and SNAP deputy president Ting Ling Kiew.

But SNAP president Edwin Dundang and secretary general Stanley Jugol, according to the sources, are likely to join the Pakatan Rakyat. Relationship between Dundang and Ting has suffered a setback after Dundang did not agree to SNAP taking part in the Batang Ai by-election. Ting is also known to be anti-PKR extending its base to Sarawak especially among the Ibans.

If SNAP is really serious in returning to the fold of the Barisan Nasional, the party is expected to undergo another crisis which may finally lead it to self-destruction. In fact, the sword of Damocles is still hanging over its head.

Even if Najib is going to announce SNAP’s re-entry to the BN in Lubok Antu, it is going to have a minimal effect on the on-going by-election. After all SNAP is almost left with its “tulang” (bones) only.

9. YB William Nyallau hospitalized

News reached The Broken Shield that YB William Nyallau anak Badak has been hospitalized at the Normah Medical centre. It is due to fatigue after a strenuous campaign for the BN candidate, Malcolm Mussen.

How serious is it, no one knows.

But whatever it is Batang Ai is a hot seat where two State assemblymen had died in office, Sylvester Langgit (died in a road accident) and Dublin Unting. So is the Lubok Antu parliamentary seat and an MP was killed in a road accident. Only Jawah Gerang, the five-term MP has survived, because he is guided by unseen hands. Strange but it is true.

10. Masing and Jabu argue over PRS billboards

James Masing and Alfred Jabu were reported to have a heated argument over certain billboards which feature only the photographs of PRS leaders and not PBB, SUPP and SPDP photographs.

When Jabu saw these billboards, he was furious because his photograph and the photographs of other leaders were not included. So he confronted Masing over this.

Masing tried to explain that since this is PRS war, some of the billboards need only to feature the photographs of PRS leaders, because their pictures are more appealing to the voters.

Masing knows that the people of Batang Ai especially those SALCRA participants just hate Jabu and the more Jabu tries to be present in any political campaigns the more the BN candidate will lose the votes.

But will the heated argument between Masing and Jabu affect the outcome of the by-election or even the PRS membership in the BN?

More to come…stay tune to


Anonymous said...

Good morning every one and thanks to Broken Shield

SNAP re-joining BN is a strategy after they learn that many hard-core SNAP grass roots will support PKR in protest to Taib government. If even Tun Najib announce so in his coming visit, that announcement comes more than an insult than consolation to SNAP Batang Ai - the medicine comes too late and not with sincerity. Best solution now, SNAP will join Pakatan Rakyat in its continual struggle and get prepared for next State DUN election, not many months from now.

About Billboard, PRS should not have left out Jabu because PRS is subsidary of PBB, how come James be bigger than Jabu. Now is the competition of the "Ball Polishing", either one needs to be felt important and closer to old donkey Taib. Their SHIELD remains BROKEN

No worry, PR-PKR, majority people in N29 now are matured in their political minds, THEY know their way and their CHOICE "X". Even Tun Najib coming to boost and boast campaign for BN-PBB MUssen, things would not change much believing on his additional lies

FYI, PKR is in a more secured leading against BN-PBB+PRS

PRS's campigning issues are RUNNING DRY and use the same old spoiled food "ASI BARI"

Jackson Mangan said...

After I read all these latest news update, all I can say is that there would be a blessing in disguise… Insya Allah!

To Masing and Jabu – keep the “heat” among yourselves!


Anonymous said...

Another by election in LA should he goes to hell soon?

Anonymous said...

So Jabu fights Masing just because his ugly photograph is ommited.

Anonymous said...

The other possibility is, MDC's application is approved.
Whatever the decision, keep rowing our PR boat to glory, starting with Batang Ai.

Phyrestarter said...

I love it when Masing and Jabu fight. Its like watching Dumb and Dumber...which one is which I let the readers decide. Maybe a person is less dumb if they got PHD.

And what the hell is SNAP's Ting TING-king about? You seriously think SNAP can be re-registered under Najib? With SPDP and PRS around? I tell you now...its better to die a man's death than a be a neutered coward under Bee End.

Dun la believe what Najib tells you.....its call double-talk. Promise but dun promise....say but dun say...why not u see what the Bee End politicians in Batang Ai say...that is the true example of cakap kosong

After being in the civil service for so think Mussen can change so easily? Is like asking Masing not to womanise and Jabu not to say "Yang dikasihi, Yang disanjungi" all the time. Impossible I tell you. You have better chance to see Billy Abit join PKR than Dumb and Dumber changing their habits.

Sng supporting Jawah? That's funny considering he seems to be more interested in growing bananas than dealing with the BN bananas. Plus the fact that his livelihood depends on them bananas and his anak still wit minister post although I hear Mr Snowdan is making some moves...P.S Snowdan show try and look like a real Iban man rather than a softie. I know women who look tougher than him. Come la man...shake people's hand harder. Like a real man...

Nyallau in hospital...Hope he gets better...

As usual....


Anonymous said...

Unless your kampung located 20km radius from wisma bapa malaysia, then you are assured of development. My kampung just 5Km away from international Resort yet no access road what more to say 24hrs electric supply.
Once it was under opposition in hopping to get some instant noodle project, that time this word not exist yet, but NONE. Always no Grant they (YB)said. Now under BN still the election unless the candidate from PKR is highly educated and respected and well known then i will reserve my vote for him...

NEIL said...

The people of Batang Ai is awaiting the arrival of Anwar with eagerness.For such a long time they have heard how Anwar have been battered by umno/BN and Anwar presence will boost PKR success.
Whatever Sng said is not important.Many are saying a different story from what he said.But the main thing is that he is financially capable to do anything and it does make some differences when your are financially unstable and this is where PKR lacks.
Ya,Jabu and masing are not getting alone well and they have different agenda.Many are saying masing is just taking this election lightly and in the event BN lost all blame will be on Jabu.
It's not that PKR got lukewarm reception at Rumah jumpang.The real story is this,PKR supporters didn't pre-inform the residents and many are in the farm planting crops.Arrangement are been make with the Tuai Rumah to re do the gathering in this few days when the resident return from their farm.
If snap join Bn,they will be just another mosquito party waiting for their last rites.snap will be at the mercy of Taib and all the leaders of snap will be neutralised and store in cold storage.
Meanwhile in Batang Ai,PKR supporters will be holding a massive gathering 2 days before election.The dayaks will gather in their traditional warrior gear and it will be a big one.Arrangement are also been make to bring all the Tuai Rumah together on stage and PKR will speak to all infront of the crowd.The highlight will be some dayak dance and speeches by the Tuai Rumah urging the dayaks to vote PKR.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update, fellows. What is the feeling on the ground? I still don't get the feel of the pulse on which direction the voters are leaning to. What are the chances of PKR winning?

Unknown said...

In Batang Ai, we don't see much of PRS flags but mostly BN flags. BN flag is a general flag for BN components.

PRS should have more flags in Batang Ai rather BN flag. Or maybe PRS don't have the ball to hang more PRS flags or PRS has no right at all or PRS are under duress.

N29 Batang Ai is a one 2 one fight between PKR and PRS. PKR dares to show colors but PRS still too chickens but hidden under BN flag. PRS has their own flags, then why don't they used their own flag then?

Or maybe PRS has no final say in Batang Ai but PBB, SUPP & SPDP have. Everybody knows that PRS is BN Components so why PRS didn't use their own flag.

It is very clearly stated that PRS has no power or ultimate authority in Batang Ai election. The real power lies with PBB, SUPP & SPDP.

Maybe PRS is too ashame to admit the fact that they are not authorised to hang as many PRS flags as they want.

Coobaaaan...ish, ish, ish....cooobaaaannn.....!

Jackson Mangan said...

N. 29 Batang Ai is a straight fight?!

Nay… it’s a three-cornered fight, actually!

Anonymous said...

Jabu & James should not quarrel over the polishing job. Old Man has 2 balls, so either Jabu take the right and James the left one or the other way round...Dont quarrel lah....Of course, Old Man sayang more Jabu than James, and James should not get zealous of what Jabu has achieved for himself. The next SALCRA chairman will be different person, neither Jabu nor James

Anonymous said...



Apai Semalau said...

Correction Wilfred Nissom. Malcolm is not being "shy". Instead he is muted. He only gets to say or do as directed by his handler. In his case Jabu. Likewise Jabu from his master Taib. If you are told to bark or shit by your handler when ordered to, the question is how in the world can you serve the people of Batang Ai? Being as good as a Zombie to represent us in Batang Ai
certainly is out of the equation.

SNAP is a good as dead. Its handfull of surviving core members(CEC)don't even have any voting rights in Batang Ai. So who cares!

So, Jabu is fuming all over James Masing over an advertising board without him in it. How vain? He's not even the head of PBB. He plays second fiddler. He forgot its not how he sees himself but the people who perceived him as. A limbless duck that doesn't champion the rights of his own race, us, Ibans. An extreme makeover for him would be highly recommended at this stage.

Blog Tactic said...

Most of our Dayak YBs are shy and when you are shy you are “malu” to ask something from anyone, in their case, from the government. .... absolutely TRUE

Anonymous said...

Selamat Tengahari Semua,

Bc beberapa perkara ka di lansa aku berkait nggau artikel "News From Batang Ai" tu... Nti ari gaya utai ke nyadi ba Lubuk Antu kediatu, mayuh urang nyagam PKR ulih menang ba Adun N29... Kebuah ia pia, laban pengelandik ketuai pengari ari PKR ngena issues ti semak ba ati rakyat ba Batang Ai... Sida balat bendar ngari serta ngering ka hak rakyat Batang Ai... BUT, are PKR realy SINCARE about people of Lubok Antu... Atau semina deka nyadi ka Batang Ai nya Stepping stone sida ngemenuh agenda sida ...

Nang amat mayuh sida ke nyukung Pakatan Rakyat nya nang bebendar sayau serta deka ngering ka Bangsa kitai Dayak.. Tang ba penemu aku, sida nengah Platform ti salah...

Nda tau nda di ingat ka kitai... PKR nya ukai Parti asal ari Sarawak... Amat vision sida madah pasal Keadilan, Tang Keadilan ti di perjuangkan sida ukai Keadilan diperjuangkan kitai ba menoa Sarawak. Keadilan PKR nya bepun ari Penusah ti di asai ulih DSAI..

Nang amat kitai Dayak bergunaka Reformasi, TANG Refomasi kitai Dayak ukai Refomasi baka Ba semenanjung din... Gaya politik urang Ba semenanjung din, nda ulih disama kitai nggau baka ba Sarawak...

Situasi politik ba Sarawak unik & special... Orang semenajung nda akan faham nama utai ti dituntut kitai Sarawak. Ukai semina PKR,DAP tauka PAS nda mereti, Tang Parti-Parti BN (UMNO,MCA,MIC,PPP) ari Semenajung nda meh mereti nama utai ti dituntut urang Sarawak.

Bula sida Pakatan Rakyat nti nyema sida mada sida ndai ati ka ngambi Tanah kitai Dayak nti nyema sida megai perintah.. Nama kebuah aku nyebut munyi nya, laban ketegal pengaya menua ari sarawak meh sida bendar ka napat ka menua kitai tu.

Penatai Pakatan Rakyat (PKR,DAP &PAS) ba Sarawak ulih disempama aku baka cancer ti baru nyadi.. Kebuah pia.. nti nyema Pakatan majak kering ba menua tu lalu megai perintah jemah ila, reti ia Sarawak deka nyau identiti nggau keistimewaan ia.. Laban nyau di perintah Parti Ari Semenanjung.. Amat Dayak tau nyadi CM maya nya, Tang sebendar ia kitai Dayak rugi besai, Laban lebih mudah Pengaya menua Sarawak ditarit urang kesemenanjung laban Pakatan Rakyat nya Faderal base party. Kita deka dua kali lipat lebih rugi ari diatu...

Mungkin mayuh urang madah manah nti nyema BN Sarawak Tumbang laban PA.. Pun-pun nang amat Manah sida PA, tang lama kelama br kitai ulih meda sapa PA ti bendar..

Nadai salah kitai mangkang penamu perintah kediatu, tang make sure platform ke diguna kitai nya nda salah. Nti kitai salah platform, sejarah deka berulang baru...

So, Don't Let That Happen Again.. Cukup meh kitai Dayak udah diayah urang Malaya suba lebuh sida mai kitai 'FORM' (ukai 'Join')Malaysia. Maya nya kira agi ulih forgive laban bala Dayak bedau bisi pemandai dalam Politik.. Tang diatu kitai bisi pengari Dayak ke berpenemu serta pandai dalam Politik...

So, anang sekali ngulang kesilapan nya agi.

Unknown said...

Nuju unggal Anpnymous #16, ukai nama kitai Iban ba Batang Ai nya nyukong PKR laban nadai agi parti Iban bukai ke bisi belaban dia. Ka ngarap ke MDC nya pan enda ulih laban enda dirijista.

Tang ngarap ke PRS baka pagar makai padi ko sempama laut.

Nya alai kena ngemantup ke ati diri, dia bala Iban ba Batang Ai lalu ngena PKR, amai pan PKR tu ari Semenanjung.

Enti sema MDC nya ulih rijista, aku pechaya maioh kitai Iban deka ngalih kia. SNAP sigi out.

Enti sema MDC belaban enggau PRS, nya baru kitai Iban bisi platform kediri empu. Aku nyukong penemu enggi nuan nya unggal.

Nya meh laban BN enggai meda kitai Iban/Dayak begempong dalam siti parti, jalai sida mechah belah ke bansa dayak iyanya nengah parti PRS, SPDP, SUPP, PBB.

Nama aja PRS, SPDP, SUPP, PBB dalam BN tang sida tu enda ulih begempong enggau pangan diri tegal kuasa, pangkat enggau nama.

Phyrestarter said...

I would like to refer to the last posting by Anonymous dated April 1, 2009 2:33 PM...

This has got to be some sort of April Fool's joke. Masing, Jabu is that you?? Haha haha...JT...Not bad la your blog...can attract curious BN supporters.

Those of you who cannot understand Iban in its written form...basically anonymous a.k.a Bee End running dog says that PKR is a West Malaysian party which only can function there and should not be allowed to bring its brand of Reformasi to Sarawak because the situation in Sarawak is different. Dayaks have long been taken advantage of and as such should be very careful...

Well...let me say some things here...will write in English so that more ppl can understand...ulih sidak Menteri Bee End ari Semenanjung din maca posting tok anti kak...

Justice, Transparency, Fairness, Equality, Principle and Integrity...these are the factors which all people regardless of race should enjoy. (Kitai bak Sarawak tok ukai unik and special until nak ulih enjoy all the factors above)

We also deserve a shot at a better live. We deserve the oppotunity to make a living for ourselves without having to make certain people happy so that they continue to keep us alive. That is not different than being a slave.

Taib says that the younger generation cannot appreciate the struggles of the older generation and we are more rebelious. Well let me tell you Taib or any other Bee End readers....the younger generation is not so stupid anymore. We know what is fair...we know what is right....we know when people are trying to make stupid statements...

Why is it that Sarawak being so rich still have people struggling to make a living? Why is it that only a by-election will bring development to an area? If that's the case then I hope every month some YB dies so that the greater good people of Sarawak can enjoy the quality of life that they deserve.

We are unique people but we are Malaysians and it is the right of Malaysians to be heard. The MSM will not let us be heard so we have to let ourselves be heard in cyberspace. I remember one time Taib the Kasihi said that Alam Flora cannot collect rubbish in Sarawak because our Sarawakian Rubbish is different. So he creates Trienekens and get his family to run it. Can you imagine swallowing that shit?

I hope anonymous whoever you are can understand that. It is not about supporting PKR for your benefit or mine but for the younger generation of Sarawakians because believe it or not, one day the logs will finish, the oil will be drained till the last drop and there will be no more fish in the river. All that will be left will be lakes the size of Singapore, and air as black as soot.

But that is business...most important is that all Sarawakians must enjoy the riches of the land and not just a handful of people.

And it is so frustrating that they are Dayaks like yourself (if you are one) that cannot see the truth. You are exactly the kind of person that Taib wants in Sarawak so that he can stay CM for life.

I hope this is not true for the majority and I hope that the results on the 7th sends a message to the Bee End to not fcuk with the Sarawakians anymore.

Time out....


I Am Sarawakiana said...

Constitutionally we have Batang Ai.

Is Batang Air not therefore legally a recognised and constitutionally registered constituency>

Election in Batang Air is therefore.....?

Vernon Kedit said...

Hello Broken Shield!

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Mr. Manager, a fellow Sarawakian and Dayak blogger living and working in KL. I hope what little I can help through my blog will bring awareness to my readers (average 3,700 daily unique hits, not pageloads) of the injustice happening in our land and to our people.

Agi idup, agi ngelaban!

Mr. Manager

Anonymous said...

since the beginning of snap formation, we cant trust chinese in snap. they dont want to help dayak but want to use dayak to get projects

CharcoalArt said...

Item 3 - Malcom Mussen

I have been reading many comments on the so called "shyness" of Mussen. And the clarifications offered by BN people in the press; such urgent attempt to clarify to people, perhaps due to comments by PR.

Unfortunately the incredibly big deal about this so called "shyness issue" so far have failed to look at it objectively. In the first place why has it become an issue, perceived as negative & such urgency to defend it?

That just defeats itself. Mussem's silence/shyness defeats everyone! Because the truth is "quiet" or being shy need not be automatically construed as "bad". Many quiet people or those who don't talk much are effective leaders and successful people. Pope John Paul was one. In Godfather movie, Don Corleone was soft spoken and didn't talk much, but he was the boss. Many people cannot even talk and require intepreters but they are effective leaders.

Yet those who talk a lot, even talked about Mussen being quiet, etc. can be full of nonsenses and hot air aka tin kosong. They will talk non stop until foam fill up their mouths. They are loud speakers and most of the time love listening to their own voices.

If I am Batang Ai voter, I would not judge Mussen as less effective due to his shyness. If seasoned and talkative politicians become benchmarks as being "good leaders", then we really have serious credibility issue!

In fact people should judge Mussen by his actions, his substances and his decision making ability. In the end of the day, it is the substance and good decision (meaning intelligence) which really make the grade!

Vernon Kedit said...

Hello Broken Shield,

I've just posted your pic of Anwar at my blog. And linked you back.

Mr. Manager

Anonymous said...

. Sng’s statement

The Broken Shield has received a statement from Dato Sng Chee Hua:

“With reference to recent articles in the local Chinese dailies, I would like to make it known that I have already retired from politics. As such I no longer involve myself in party matters and I support the Government of the day.

“I am aware that certain Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) leaders who have ill-will against me, from the fall-out in the party, are trying to accuse me of working against the interests of Barisan Nasional in Batang Ai. This is a lie. I am a BN man and I believe that BN will deliver the seat.

“I am compelled to issue this press statement in the light of the recent allegations which have no basis whatsoever against me in the media.”

Dato Sng Chee Hua
31 March 2009.

.... favourite word is B_T_H

Malaysian said...

Dear all Barisan Rakyat Blogger,

Hi Barisan Rakyat Blogger...
i have a plan, i hope we can share the latest by election result at 07 April 2009 so our reader will know the latest result see who win the by election.
the info from TV is too slow for all of us.

so why not we share the information at the Great Day?
i will get the respone from the blogger who work hard at Batang Ai, Bukit Gantang and Bukit Selambau!
(still waiting their respone!)
I will make a live event on that day also...

please email me ASAP so we can plan this event
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or go here to leave a massage Email Me!

Cheers for Malaysia Baru :)



Phyrestarter said...

Dear Charcoalart,

Obiviously a Mussen supporter you are but let me clarify to you why Mussen's shyness is a factor. Pls do not read between the lines because there aren't any.

Shyness with regards to Mussen basically means he does not (whether he cannot or he is not allwed to) articulate his ideas to the people. If he cannot do this now then how can he talk in the Dewan the aspirations and the needs of the people he represents. Have you ever heard some of the so-called "quiet" ones talking in the Dewan or Parliment? They can go home and suck eggs. Sulaiman is one good example...quiet...looks mouth..."eerr..dunno...need to check with my boss...eerr...heh heh...eerr". You seriously want someone like that to represent you?

Iban voters vote for the character not the party...if you are in the correct party at the correct time and place then maybe its added bonus but most importantly the character. Jawah has it...Mussen still not sure which is why newspapers call him shy..

This is my free advise to you Charcoalart...tell Mussen that. Then maybe got chance. So far, with Jabu talking for him, it actually makes voters want to vote opposition. Any opposition...

So until we hear what Mussen really wants to say and not what other people say for him then he shall remain in the shy column.

CharcoalArt said...

To Pyrestater,

Start the fire and then got to run ...hehehe, joking ya.

Well I am a nobody, least of all a supporter of Mussen as you had assumed. Thank you for your feedback and advice, indeed there might be some merits in what you said about the "ineffectiveness" of a quiet person...but as you can see most people share your thinking on one single basis, which is "assume". People say too much "assume" will make an ass of u and me!

Contrary to the assumption, Mussen is a superb orator, a good engineer (which require brain of good maths and science) but the problem is - he just hasn't got the chance. Why? Because Tan Sri and Dato Seri simply stole the thunder away! They are the leaders, the superiors, the patronisers, the speakers, eager to be the mentors and what not!

see ya again, Cheers