Friday, April 3

News from Batang Ai (Part 10)

The daily update of news
from Batang Ai by-election


1. Dayak bloggers now known as Specialist instigators

While describing Dayak bloggers as “specialist instigators”, deputy president of Parti Pesaka Bumiputra Bersatu (PBB) Alfred Jabu Anak Numpang called on the people not to read too much into the blogs as most of the issues written were “cooked-up stories”.

Contents of the bloggers’ information had no quality as what they could do was to “sabong” people hoping that others would turn against BN, thus weakening it.

Of late these bloggers had pitted him against Parti Rakyat (PRS) president James Masing, making people think that he and Masing were now quarrelling.

“They should know that it was I who proposed to the BN that Masing should become the director of operations in the Batang Ai by-election,” said Jabu, who is deputy chief minister.

The Broken Shield highlighted a spat between Jabu and Masing over certain billboards which only carried the PRS symbol and the photographs of its leaders. Confronting Masing, Jabu asked why other symbols of BN component parties and their leaders were not included. Masing explained that in certain areas such as in SALCRA oil palm schemes the PRS symbol was more effective.

I would have thought that since Jabu had been praising SALCRA for successfully turning the scheme participants into “wealth-to-do families”, Jabu’s pictures should be more than a welcome by the participants and the voters. But why the participants hate Jabu?

2. Ting’s statement on SNAP described as “rubbish”

SNAP secretary general Stanley Jugol has rubbished the statement made by the deputy president of Sarawak national Party (SNAP), Ting Ling Kiew that he had the support of the majority of CEC members who wanted to rejoin the Barisan Nasional and had thrown their support to the BN candidate in Batang Ai by-election.

Jugol who is currently campaigning for the Opposition candidate in Batang Ai said that the majority of the CEC members were with him and the president, Edwin Dundang.

“Every one of the CEC members contacted me and assured me that they do not wish to return to the BN,” said Jugol.

Ting’s claim that he had the support of the CEC members were mere “rubbish”, he added.

3. No proof that government had taken people’s NCR land?

The Opposition is harping on the land issues by accusing Barisan Nasional of seizing the people’s native customary rights (NCR) land but none could prove the allegations, said Barisan Nasional youth chairman, Fadillah Yusof.

Although the state government had given those who claimed that their NCR lands had been seized the opportunity to provide evidence, no one had come forward until now, he said.

“These baseless allegations will go on and they will try other things, seen or unseen to win people’s support during this campaign,” Fadillah said.

Fadillah must be out of touch. And we cannot blame him since he lives in Kuala Lumpur after being appointed to the post of deputy minister of science, technology and innovation.

Fadillah, there are ample proofs, if you care to check with the Court where the NCR land owners have filed, up to now, nearly 200 cases against the government.

There were also demonstrations and land owners arrested by Police for defending their lands. All these were being published in newspapers. Hundreds of thousands of hectares of land including NCR land in Simunjan have been given to Narodeen Majais, in Samarahan to Taib’s brother-in-law and in Betong, Sri Aman and Limbang to Jabu’s son and cronies.

Fadillah can lie and fool the kampong people, but not their children many of them are professionals.

4. Rayong campaigns for BN

Johnichal Rayong was addressing a gathering at a longhouse when Jawah Gerang arrived. He went straight to Rayong and asked him if he had joined Barisan Nasional.

He told Jawah and those present that he had not joined the Barisan Nasional. “Nama nuan tu kampen ke Barisan Nasional?” Rayong felt embarrassed and left immediately. Jawah then took over and addressed the people.

Any YB wanting to defect to the Barisan Nasional is sure to be accepted immediately. But for Rayong, his application to become a political frog has been put on hold since May last year. Any way he behaves like a BN YB and is being used by Alfred Jabu to fool the people of Batang Ai and Engkilili.

5. The battle of the “outsiders”

Both Jawah Gerang, the PKR candidate and Malcolm Mussen, the BN candidate are contesting for the Batang Ai constituency in this by-election.

They are considered as “outsiders” of Batang Ai as both of them are from the state constituency of Engkilili. Between the two, Jawah is better known because he had served the Batang Ai for five terms as the Lubok Antu Member of Parliament.

But for Mussen, he is a greenhorn and is a stranger to the voters of Batang Ai. No wonder, many people in Batang Ai keep on asking, Mussen who?

6. Message to all the ex-PBDS leaders

This is a special message to all leaders of the defunct Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak (PBDS) who have remained partyless. Please come to Lubok Antu and assist Jawah Gerang in this by-election against the State BN regime which is robbing our people of their NCR land. Let us all help Jawah Gerang to win. In this way we are not only displaying our solidarity and unity, we are also at the same time reviving the spirit of Dayakism.

Datuk Sri Daniel Tajem (pic), the last president of PBDS before it was deregistered, is now in Lubok Antu leading the way to help Jawah.

Remember who destroyed PBDS. Remember who are against the registration of Malaysian Dayak Congress (MDC). This is the time we punish those traitors to the Dayak community by voting against their crony.

More to come…stay tune to


Anonymous said...

SIGN UP... Please..

PM Bersih

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Fadilah Yusuf indeed knows nuts, that was why he spoke nuts too.

Anonymous said...

i was at btg ai sport complex yesterday listening to engkatak gramong juna telling not more than 100 people (not all voters bcos some were civil servants)that "nadai perintah ngambi tanah kitai dayak....". The reaction from those were there "senyap". Papak jari pen semadi aja maia iya bejako. hidup dayak, hidup PKR.

Unknown said...

Dear Mr. Jetty

It is time now that we should be bold as we were made coward and timid by those crooks. The Dayak will still remain the same if they could not open their eyes to the future. Good to have your articles as early as 12.00 am. Keep the good job. Our prayer is on Batang Ai victory.

PRS member said...

Someone from PBB or PRS should tell Jabu that he should be campaigning in Lubok Antu at all.
He not only scares away the voters to PKR, but also makes people angry with his rubbish, apple-polishing speeches. Tiap2 kali iya nyebut nama taib mahmud, 10 iko orang lari ari PRS lalu nyukong PKR. Anang bakanya meh nuan, Jabu, anang agi nuan ngagai Lubok Antu.
After you have left after making a speech, we have to some damage control.
Enti nuan ka meda BN menang, badu meh nuan kempen ka Mussen.

Anonymous said...

Gramong Juna just only a minister with no bite at all.He was a former student of the oldest kanowit secondary school,once avery wellknown school in those yesteryears. Now the school as i saw it is one of the worse school in sarawak if not in m,sia.The school condition is in a sorry state just like a 'REBAN AYAM'. He has been elected as yb and minister for more than a decade nothing he has done to improve what he suppose to do.

Unknown said...

There is always a rift between Jabu and Masing since Jabu had meddled in PRS welfare. But this rift was swept under the carpet.

Ask any PRS members about Jabu meddling in PRS administration. Jabu is PBB and Masing is PRS.

The rift became more significance when Jabu nominated his own peoples like Masir (Simanggang) and Nyallau (Lubok Antu)as both are not PRS registered members as PRS candidates. Masing's very own candidates for Simanggang (Doris Sophia) and Lubok Antu (Edmund Sateng)were being shoot-down by Jabu's missiles.

Even now in Batang Ai, out of the blues Malcolm Mussen was elected by Jabu again as PRS candidate.

Malcom Mussen as outsiders and PRS members knows is not a PRS member and not even an ordinary members. He holds nothing in PRS line-up. Lots of PRS own members are being betrayed again.

Now the PRS members and outsiders see Masing as non authoritive figure in PRS. He is always being bullied by Jabu.

If Batang Ai was and is PRS constituency, why can't PRS choose their own candidate?

Why Jabu has to meddle into PRS affairs in Batang Ai?

Is Jabu the ultimate President of PRS or Masing is just a puppet on the string?

Jabu then appointed Masing as director of Batang Ai election, but then again, how long is Batang Ai election going to be? 5 years? It is a sick joke...! Being appointed as director of operation for Batang Ai means nothing if the candidate is not PRS choice.

To deny that there is no rift between Jabu and Masing, is up to you to decide. The truth is out there.

Can we really trust PRS now?

Anonymous said...


no, dayak bloggers are no instigator ..
they just merely telling the truth.

and truth is what bn is afraid of .. very very afraid.

and truth won PKR five states in west M.


Apai Semalau said...

"yang di kasihi" Alfred Jabu, thanks for calling us iban bloggers specialists. Unlike BN, we bloggers don't "cooked up stories" but we want the truth be told and known. BN on the other hand not only cooked up stories but are prolific liars too! Did BN YBs keep their promises since the last election? NO! Maybe you would like to enlighten us why these promises made to the longhouses were never fulfilled. Those promises were made only to hook wink the voters to vote BN. We will never let history repeat itself this time round. Enough is enough.
All literate Ibans regardless of profession should do our part to ensure that Jawah wins in this by election. We should expose the lies of BN to our less educated brethrens in Batang Ai. Dayakism is alive and gaining momentum! Lets move forward with our new terabai!

Anonymous said...

fxxk those traitors saying our NCR lands are not taken away.

sxxt those traitors like those corrupts in China.

(some derogatory words have to be deleted - admin)

Batang Ai voters said...


Dear James,

You have been reported by the Borneo Post online (31.3.2009) as blaming Jawah Gerang for the lack of development in Batang Ai, because Jawah did not lobby for projects during his five terms as MP.

This sort of political narrative from a personal friend of 25 years astonishes me. Surely a person with such academic credential and long record in politics like you can say something more inspiring?

Development projects are a right to be enjoyed by tax payers, and not candies to be dangled by the ruling parties in any election to fish for votes.

Continue reading >

Dayak Baru said...

From Dayak Baru >>


■ graduate Dayak tusah bulih kerja enggau opis perintah
■ kelalu maioh bansa bukai siti duduk di opis perintah
■ kelalu maioh bala semanjung di anjung nyadi pengajar di menua pesisir with $1,500.00 allowance sebulan
■ pala tanah
■ Nadai electricity enggau ai ti beresi
■ Nadai peluang business di beri perintah
■ perintah bechiping dalam milih nembiak ngagai sekula tinggi
■ (all the 12 ways the Dayak has been dicriminated upon systematically) please refer to Dayakbaru article on the same.

Enti bala Dayakbaru enda nurun - kita anang nesal sapa2 enti kitai enda tulih ke Batang Ai. Take the responsibility and GO!

Phyrestarter said...

The closer it gets to the voting date the more desperate they become. Have stopped reading the papers because the nonsense they keep saying. Cannot believe some politicians can say things and expect people to believe. These people really think we all so stupid. Cannot check for ourselves the news...swallow bulat is not the dark ages...there is such a thing as internet...what is hidden can also come out.

Nevermind...we see on Tuesday, 7th just how much we believe that either we rejoice that we want to change or the Dayaks cannot be saved and we must re-think existing strategies.

Btw, Nyallau should blame Jabu for his condition..after all he was the one who say that outsiders to Batang Ai will kenak sumpah because they dun understand the beware...more will fall like flies.

As usual,

"Ambil duit Barisan tapi undi Pakatan Rakyat"

Dyaks said...

Clearly, J*bu is the one that afraid of Dayaks now. Quite contrary to the myth that Dayaks ought to be afraid of J*bu.

Well, PRS slowly disband and leaving M*sing in the corner of lonely planet letting J*bu at ease bullying PRS with his PBB goons. J*bu desperately try to expand his evil Buah Kepayang Dynasty with Salcra (his mini CMS) as his sole crown jewel.

Ultimately, it is M*sing himself being cannibalised by his own men but that is truely 'taste own medicine' after he himself cannibalising own Dayak people for Yang Dikasihi pleasure all these while. Such a savage truth for any anthroplogist.

Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...

Jabu want to PBBised prs hehehe as simple as that

Anonymous said...

The rate the Dayaks are working now showed that they are more united to fight for their legitimate rights which had been taken away by BN and their cronies.

In this way, we will eventually see a Dayak leader leading the state in the near future.

By the way beware of Trojan horses planted by the BN.

The Dayaks must now seriously consider whether short term monetary gain is better than being your own masters in your own land.

By ruling Sarawak, the riches are all yours instead of getting pittance from the political masters in PBB.

Tiyung Dayak said...

First of all, thanks to Tjaboo for his “acknowledgements”… And only now he knows and acknowledges that the Dayak Bloggers are specialists on their own?! Damn!

I think the “latest” Tjaboo’s pic is quite nice. I’ll see if I can make another caricature in the near future… I got two new ideas, actually, but then, you have to be patient, my friends…

Last but not least, here come the infamous – “The Seven Deadly Sins” – that Tjaboo and Gang should (try to) avoid…’ab/

Unknown said...

Nuju semua penyukong kuat PRS, sinu endar meda menalan PRS di alah ulih PBB (Jabu).

Ba kelang diri pan PRS nadai manuk. Tang manuk sabong Jabu aja dipasng serta disabong.

Malu endar meda PRS enda nyabong manuk diri. Nama manuk sabong PRS udah kena sembelih ulih Jabu pia?

Ba Simanggang, manuk PRS enda disabong tang manuk Jabu disabong.
Ba Lubok Antu pia mega, manuk Jabu disabong tang manuk PRS agi dalam tansang.

Tuai sabong PRS - Masing, Mong, Entulu kerah kulu kerah kili bejako mai nyabong tang siko manuk PRS enda disabong. Nama bacho pia? Tauka gerik bulu?

Lebuh towkey besai (Jabu) datai mai manuk, Masing, Mong & Entulu ngeleput lubang burit, takut...!!!

Ba kelang diri empu pan, PRS udah alah ulih PBB (Jabu). Udah pok..!

Malu chukup malu meda PRS baka ke nadai manuk diri agi. Ukai semina nadai manuk tang nyau nadai rega diri agi.

Menang pan Mussen lagi, ukai nya manuk PRS tang manuk Jabu (PBB).

Semua urang nemu utai ke nyadi dalam PRS. Nama aja PRS/BN tang nadai kuasa sekali, takut ke Jabu siko aja.

Ni kita penyukong kuat PRS, angkat dani daitu, umbas hari udah tawas.

Enti kita nya amai-amai PRS, lapa enda calon PRS empu bediri ba Batang Ai, ukai calon dipilih Jabu.

Anang ngemeli diri agi, urang bukai udah puas ketawa ke kita PRS. Nyau rangkai ngeli urang ketawa ke pemeli kita PRS nya.

Enda malu kita...!!!!!

Munyi ko leka lagu 'Kaban'....Kaban makai kaban....hai wai..!!!

Anonymous said...

Keterubah ia aku ka madah ke diri kecewa nggau DSDT nti iya amat-amat nyukung PKR. Kebuah pia, ba aku iya meh Hero Dayak ke bendar. Aku amat-amat admire iya dalam politik. Tang when iya nyukung PKR, nya mai aku kecewa. Manah agi iya terus fight for MDC sampai MDC ulih di register. Diatu sebenar ia peluang ti manah alai sida DSDT ngidup ka baru peluang MDC. Nti MDC nda ulih, Ngaga nama baru, “PBDS Baru” Tau mah… Nti UMNO ulih register baru nyadi “UMNO Baru” nda patut “PBDS Baru” nda tau. So, kitai ulih ngena stand nya. Nti DSDT nyukung PKR, nda nyalah-nyala baka kitai muka pintu ngagai UMNO masuk ngagai Sarawak. Laban UMNO deka masuk sarawak nti Pakatan Rakyat menang mayuh kerusi ba Sarawak jemah ila. Nti UMNO dah masuk Sarawak,lalu nyadi baka Sabah meh kitai. Isu tanah NCR kitai pan akan lebih teruk ari diatu, right kitai Dayak pun nyau majak luya. Diatu bdau meh kitai mda utai nya, laban bdau nyadi. Laban utai tu tau nyadi jemah ila.

Nadai salah kitai nyadi pembangkang,tang anang ngena platform parti ari semenanjung. Giga meh jalai ngena parti nang asal ari Sarawak. Tusah kitai jemah ila nti kitai terikat nggau parti ari semenanjung. Sida cukup matang dalam politik, sema jaku, kitai tinggal 50 tahun ari sida dalam pengelandik politik. So, anang ngaga mistake ti kedua kali baka kitai ka nggau “Form” Malaysia suba.

Ngagai DSDT, anang salah langkah. Anang ngulang mistake nuan lebuh maya nuan nerima offer nyadi High Comm. Ngagai New Zealand suba, padahal nya strategi PBB nggai ke nuan ngacau sida PBB lebuh sida bejurai pasal NCR ba DUN. Aku nemu nuan cukup sincare dalam nuan memperjuangkan hak kitai Dayak. Tang anang salah langkah. Agi bisi jalai bukai dikena kitai mutar ke penanggur pasal RIGHT kitai Dayak. New generation Dayak mayuh udah berpenemu serta tinggi dalam pelajar, Team ti amat-amat memperjuangkan Dayak just perlu keep on remind generation tu pasal RIGHT kitai Dayak awak sida lebih sensetive. Then in future kita deka meda result ia. Nya lebih manah ari kitai ngena platform parti ari semenanjung ti nemu nama penanggul kitai Dayak. Angkat sida ari Airport Kuching ndai sida ngerunding pasal kitai Dayak agi. Sida semina deka nyadi ka kitai Stepping Stone sida megai kuasa dalam politik.

Aku ukai ngering ka ni-ni parti. Ni Parti tauka indivu tauka Group ti amat-amat sincare fight for Dayak nya meh disukung aku. Ba aku, PKR nda sincare,laban asas ideology sida ukai untuk bangsa Dayak. PRS pan perlu reform, nti cda amat-amat ka ngering ka Dayak. Nadai guna engkah lambang Pen (tanda pemandai,) nti pemandai salah guna. Nama paling penting diatu, we need to build new generation of Dayak ti berpelajar tinggi serta nemu ngering ka bangsa lalu nemu mempertahankan RIGHT kitai Dayak.

Puas udah kitai nyadi puppet bangsa bukai alai sida nyadi ka kitai Stepping Stone sida napat ka agenda sida. Dayak realy need to Reform, Dayak need to Unite, Dayak need to raise up BUT don’t use a wrong platform.


Lachung Ajak said...

If MDC was registered and in view of the political situation in Sarawak now, probably the party CEC members or the party itself could have been bought by BN.

Forget it, let all of ex-PBDS members join PKR to continue with our struggle. Show our unity in PKR to Jabu, Masing, Mawan, Salang, Entulu and last to Taib.

NEIL said...

To all the dayaks,
now is the time to take masing and Jabu to task as these are the traitors that should be tied to the belian pole in your in your pepper garden.
Vote PKR.

DeePo said...

haha...nama utai temu Jabu nya..makai duit aja iya nemu...enda pun, nyual kepayang aja keja iya....

bejaku enda ngena untak Jabu...nma kitai iban tu belik peda iya...


Royal Aup said...

Nuju Anonymous @ April 3, 2009 5:07PM pasal DSDT : Anang nyalah DSDT laban dalam politik enti nadai cukup duit kena bejalai bekempem jako kerah2 pen nadai guna. Tuk lebih ke100 kali aku nge"post" pasal duit perlu kena bejalai bekempen, meli miyak, pemakai bala enggau bekempem, nyata perau/kereta/van etc...peda kitak parti SNAP, even MDC pen nadai duit...nadai salah kitai ngena PKR laban sidak ulih nyangkung kitai $$$ kena bekempen...anang salah sangka meh, enti bepolitik nadai duit anang enggau org kitai...bala YB bukai baka moggie, linggi nya nadai guna...kaya ka diri empu...tulah sidak iya enda lama agik....
INGAT minyak, perau, pemakai ukai free kaban...suba lain meh PBDS ulih maik Dayakism maya election..tang diatu nadai jalai..

Anonymous said...

To All readers

We must forget MDC. The Home Ministry rejected the application on grounds of security under Section 7 of the Socieities Act 1966. The Ministry said that if this MDC were to be registered, it would cause a public order situation (kacau bilau). This means that the Dayaks who will be members of this organisation are a security threat. For the time being, we must support PKR hoping that one day it may become the federal government then and only then can we reapply for MDC registration. From a Protem committee.

Anonymous said...

Seagi buban agi idup seagi nyak meh MDC enda ulih diregister, anang tak mua ari kak ngapil, security threat nya alasan aja...