Sunday, April 5

News from Batang Ai (Part 13)

The daily update of news
from Batang Ai by-election
1. Ambrose Labang resigns from PKR

Julau division chairman of PKR Ambrose Labang and his deputy, secretary and a committee member resigned today from Parti Keadilan Rakyat. He went to the BN operations centre at Batang Ai just to announce their resignations.

The three others are Wong Kee Kai (deputy), Kajang Unan (secretary) and Kundi Untung (a committee member).

He said that the PKR would never be able to carry out development programmes or help the people. People in the rural areas need the BN as such they should not waste their times any more with PKR.

Well, actually it is good that Ambrose Labang resigning from PKR so that it can find better candidates for Meluan and Pakan constituencies, because if we sabong this “manok labang”, he has no “tuah”, except “tuah chelaka”.

2. Tan Sri Khalid, Menteri Besar Selangor, visits Lubok Antu again

Menteri Besar Selangor, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, arrived this evening (5 April) at Batang Ai and his programme is to campaign at Mepi Pasir tonight. Early in the afternoon he campaigned at Changkol.

This is Tan Sri’s second visit. His first visit was on nomination day (29 March). Tan Sri Khalid is very determined to see that Dayak rights are returned to the Dayaks, but what is sad is that, not many Dayaks who have been vocal all this while, are seen at the Batang Ai. Jawah needs all of us to help him defend Dayak rights.

3. Jabu eats his own words

Deputy president of PBB Alfred Jabu anak Numpang last month accused de facto leader of Parti Keadilan Rakyat, Anwar Ibrahim of disrespecting the Iban Adat when visiting a longhouse. As a result, Jabu said one person died.

The Iban adat is that when a visitor of high standing visits a longhouse he must be accorded an Iban adat including miring (offerings) and genselan (part of the offerinfgs), so that his visit to the longhouse will bring luck to the longhouse folks. Fair enough.

Now, so many “outsiders” including a number of federal ministers have come to the longhouse to “mess with the Ibans” (to borrow Jabu’s words). The question is: did Jabu arrange these VIPs to undergo these miring and genselan rites? If not why not? For genselan (slaughtering of animals to clean the feet) the Ibans normally used a pig. For a non-Iban could a cow or goat be used?

Genselan is also used to see the liver of the pig. If the liver is long and sharp, it can mean a good omen; a dull and short mean bad luck. BN candidate on the nomination day did use a pig as genselan. Its liver was not seen and further more when Mussen speared the pig, the pig came out a live? Could it mean a bad luck?

4. Final push to win votes

If your read today’s The Borneo Post, all the pages were covered by pro-BM news, indicating a “confirmed” victory for the BN. “BN will win Batang Ai” says the heading in the Post which quoted UMNO vice president Mohd. Shafie Apdal as saying.

Yes for sure, Jawah Gerang is an underdog, but he may spring the biggest surprise. Wait until 8.00 pm on 7 April.
More news to come...stay tune to


Batang Ai voters said...

The resignation of PKR Julau divison chairman reflects his frustrations because of his own unfulfilled desires.

He was a PKR candidate for Julau Parliamentary seat but lost.Earlier,he also stood as independent candidate in the Meluan state seat and also lost.

Paper qualification and integrity are two different things.An illiterate person who is sincere,honest and willing to sacrifice himself or herself for other people earned more respect, compare with person who always think for his or her own self-interests.

PKR Julau division chairman resignation is nothing more than a tantrum or display of anger out of his own frustations of not being sucessful in his political try.

Failures will always complain and get attention from others to cover their own lacks.This is why they failed.They can only attract their own kind and their own mind.

Sucessful people always stay away from useless person.

Anonymous said...

Opposition party usually no money to direct develop anything .. this is a simple logic since first day this guy join PKR . Since first day this guy join opposition he should also know PKR has no fund ( BN's fund is from RAKYAT ) to pay anyone . Joining opposition party scenerio is because not happy and lose trust on rulling party.

Opposition party in Malaysia also have no good money to pay any his member, opposition party's member wouldn't get rich . No money , no project , no business oportunity from opposition party .

Only rulling party have money to give , have project and/or business opportunity to give to any of his member. Everyone know and clearly know about this .

What else to say ? When people creditability is in question , better leave . No more rubbish talk . You tought Rakyat is stupid ? Some politician use buttock to think and to talk but not Rakyat . Rakyat will determine who is going to rule the country . If not today , but , the day will come . We see this history from anywhere in this world .

Rakyat is not going to surprise or need to feel upset when you see rubblish politicians around us.

Anak Sarawak said...

Defection or no defection... dissolved or not dissolved... I will still pray for a Pakatan victory...

As a Sarawakian, i have enough of BN

Akumeh said...

from Special Branch info yesterday...BN leads...but we pray & hope PKR can defeat them...common guys...let's campaign until the last or lose is another thing...if BN win this time & they unable to fulfill their promise...PR has good chance to topple BN next election..

zakwan said...

Good riddance
It's better if PKR throw away these idiots
We certainly don't need another Osman Jailu or Hee Yit Foong

People of Batang Ai,we need ur help the tyrant BN gov
Give Pakatan this win n u hav set in motion Pakatan's masterplan 2 return Sarawak back 2 the people in the comin state election

Repeat after me

Bujang Kerinpak Genok (Simon J) said...

Well...Well...well... very good one, now we know the true colour fo this man by the name of Ambrose Labang, now we know that you are opportunist, lalu bedau bedau udah nunjuk ke belang, deka ngeruk untak rakyat. Baka nya orang ka nyadi ke tuai kitai dayak...? Nadai pendirian ke tetap sekali-kali. Nye meh kebuah kitai dayak enda ulih maju sama besemekih enggau bansa bukai, laban tuai kitai iya ke tebal agi penemu sida iya enda nyalah-nyalah baka jaku tuai kelia "kasak kunyak" sari tu nyukung PKR pagila nyukung BN lusa ...ngeruk untak bansa diri empu. Aku ingat suba Ambrose Labang tu selalu mantah perintah BN sarwak tang diatu iya nilat ludah diri empu....tuai kitai dayak orang ke bansa nya? Nuan nadai bida sekali-kali enti di banding ke enggau sida Datuk Jabu & JJM, sebaka kita ungal....enda tau di karap ke nyadi tuai.

Cukup meh nya, badu agi kita ke tuai bansa dayak ngemeli ke bansa diri, kitai mesti belajar ari pengilap serta penyalah tuai kitai ke udah....naka meh pemeli tuai kitai dayak bangat enda nemu belajar ari pengilap kitai empu kenyau ari maya kitai bedau merdeka kelia munya, sampai ke sari tu. Lebu bala rayat kitai ngarap ke sida ke udah besekula tinggi serta mencelak mata tau ngiring serta ngembing bansa kitai dayak nuju pemansang buah merdeka (kenu ko jaku)

Tang udah rayat milih sida dia sida ke tua kitai nyau enda ingat ke rayat enggau perjuangan asal bansa kitai.

Uji peda kitai maya sebedau merdeka kelia, orang putih/raja datai di menua sarawak ulih tiap enggau tunjuk jari...enda bulih 10 iku, tang nama kebuah sida ulih menang lalu megai menua kitai nyadi raja deh...?

Munyi ko jaku laut "tak lain, tak bukan" laban pemeli bansa kitai dayak empu enggai sekali begempung. Iban menua ili dibai bala raja ngayau bala iban menua ulu, sapa ke parai beperang? enda ke bala kitai Dayak, iya ketebal agi dayak Iban....sapa ke menang deh...? bala raja

Dani meh kitai bala dayak umbas kitai ngemeli ke bansa diri, leka ke dulu kepentingan diri empu, ni kita Datuk Petinggi Jabu (badu numpang agi nuan keyuh ke perau diri empu...duit enda tau dibai nuan pulai tauka nganjung nuan ke parai ke sebayan badu ngemeli ke bansa dayak-iban) ngagai Datuk Seri JJM pandai nuan bepolitik unggal ngeruk ngebuk untak kitai bansa dayak, mua nuan Iban untak nuan sitan...kita orang ke nyadi tali barut Tok Uban enda nyalah-nyalah baka ulah gaya kitai dayak ke ari menua ili kelia munya, di bai bala raja brook ngayau bala iban menua ulu. sapa ke untung Datuk Taib

Tang bansa kitai dayak idup merimpat aba menua diri empu...kita ke tuai sepatut iya ningga ke sebana rakyat, ngadu ke penusah rakyat, ingat kita nya meh kebuah rakyat milih kita nyadi ke tuai.... nadai rakyat ngasuh kita nyadi tuai, udah kita duduk di atas meligai din anang ke deka ngadu ke rayat, nyeling enggau mata juling deh kita enggai... nya meh gaya tuai kitai dayak...

Ngagai bala kitai dayak ke deka ngundi aba N29 Batang Ai kena 7 April, 2009 tu ila, begempung meh kitai, badu agi kitai di kemeli ke bansa bukai, laban tu meh maya kitai nunjuk ke penemu diri, ti enggai di kemeli ke orang agi, UNDI MEH PKR!!! sekali agi aku nyebut "UNDI MEH PKR" ngambi ke perintah BN kelebih agi BN Sarawak nemu kitai enggai ke polisi perintah barisan (BN) ke selalu ngambi ulih aba bansa kitai Dayak.

Ingat kitai, enti BN menang baru aba Batang Ai reti nya kitai besetuju lalu nyukung polisi perintah BN tau ka perintah Taib begulai enggau tali barut iya JJM & Tansri Jabu ke selalu ngemelik kita bansa dayak, umbas meh kitai telungga-lungga kelalu lama kitai tinduk ninga ke jaku sida dalam pengelama lebih 40 taun ti udah.

Dani kring ke bansa kitai...kerembai ke berita tu ngagai semua bansa kitai dayak, enda ibuh bejaku minching microphone aba atas pentas, semina padah ke reti perjuangan kitai dalam PKR ngagai diri sebilik, ari diri sebilik ngagai diri sekaban, udah nya ngagai diri serumah, udah nya ngagai orang ke segulai pendiau ngelingi menua kitai, udah nya kerembai ke agi ngagai menua bukai nya baru perjuangan kitai dalam PKR kering.

Nama kebuah kitai ngundi PKR deh? Nama enda ngundi BN? senang ajak nya ungal...peda kitai ulah sida tuai BN tau ke aba perintah Negeri Sarawak tau ka aba perintah pusat pusat, semua sida nya sama, semina ngadu ke diri aja, kitai baka perau udah di kena serta luya, udah nya di lengka ke pia aja..

kitai udah kelalu lama meri sida peluang ngadu ke bansa kitai, tang nama utai ke ulih kitai, tanah kitai sema ke jaku se inchi pen enda ulih di beri sida Datuk JJM papak...memteri pemansang tanah nanma nya.? Anang ke deka meri palak tanah, sekeda tanah ke di keruk kebuk aki ini kitai kelia munya di kumbai perintah BN tanah sida (State Land) Perintah ke diguna perintah baka nya..? Ngidup ke rayat nya...?

Enti ngundi PKR sekurang-kurang iya dalam PKR bisi ngemai janji perubahan...nadai salah kitai nguji meri PKR peluang, nya alai Batang Ai tu kena kitai ngepun ke iya...enda nyalah-nyalah baka kitai ke bejalai dalam penyauh seribu batu, enti kitai enda ngepun ke pejalai kitai ngena singkang/langkah ke terubah (pertama)

sampai ila-ila pen kitai enda datai aba adan ti deka dituju kitai.

Leka ke dulu meh pemansang ke di janji ke perintah BN laban kenyau ari kitai merdeka suba janji nya udah didinga kitai, tang buah iya endang semampai enda tentu datai...tau dikumbai kitai nadai.

IDUP PKR, UNDI MEH PKR ngambi ke tau mai perubahan ngagai bansa kitai dayak.... Ingat bala kitai dayak di Batang Ai, pia mega menyadi kitai Cina, Melayu enggau semua bansa di Sarawak ke diau aba kandang N29, ke ngasai ke diri emda tentu di kibuh ke perintah BN, anang jugau kena meh peluang kita 7 April, 2009 tu ngundi PKR, ngambi ke perintah BN nemu kitai enda besetuju sereta enggai ke polisi sida ke enda tentu nguntung ke rayat....


Bujang Kerimpak Genok from
Mumbai India

NEIL said...

Those traitors of PKR are trojan horse.They are opportunist and PKR don't need these useless people who are only interested in their pockets.Get lost traitors.BN won't give you all a bed of roses.You must be dreaming.

Mata Kuching said...

Pakatan and Malaysians need politicians of strong character, dedicated, committed and who show strong mental strength and conviction especially when we are still in the opposition. We are not disheartened to see a few or a group of self centred and selfish individuals who are not willing to sacrifice for the tough mission ahead and whose only ambition is to hope for monetary gains and projects handouts.

We also do not need power brokers within Pakatan and their actions and activities will become more obvious. The people should reject such self proclaimed General.

We are not unduly worried about members defecting to BN now for their own self interests as our mission is to strengthen our soldiers for they are the ones who bring victories.

Anonymous said...

Sad to say to see frogs jumping from one camp to the other. It has been the most interesting news which always takes on as headlines. These clowns always being rewarded for their fine showmanship

Phyrestarter said...

Good morning all...tomorrow's the day. The day we hope will be the start of better things to come for the Dayaks.

Perfect Scenario....PKR wins...Jabu eats his words...Masing goes back to his hole. Taib and Lanun Tengah sail back to Kuching....Georgie Porgie Pudding and Pie has to find new wife, Mussen disappears into obscurity with his technically trained mind mapping technique....and Jawah goes on to voice and bring forth the real DEVT for Batang Ai. And if Najib loses the other 2 Bukits then you will see the General Election coming up real quick and PR wiping the floor clean of Bee End poo.

Anyways...that's my onto reality...

Nice picture of the ex-Julau PKR guy...never seen such a contented face..dun really blame him...everyone has a price whether its RM1.00 or RM1,000,000...its just a matter of dollars and cents...such intergrity is not well known among the Dayaks, am sorry to say, because money is something new to the Dayak community who is used to bartering. Can you imagine trying to barter for support using rice or keledek...rather than money....hahahaha!

But good for Salang...1 less thing for him to worry about...actually he's not the fish we should be frying...should be gunning for Jabu and Masing a.k.a Dumb and Dumber...every step the Dayaks take forward...these 2 idiots pull us back because Pek Mo say we walk to fast...

So yeah...them first...then we slowly hunt the rest down...who knows...maybe no need wait so long since many will die as a result of Jabu's curse and belief...kesian Nyallau...went to fix his heart and kena paksa balik kerja...better go mandi bunga I tell you...

Until tomorrow then....

Anonymous said...

Hmm I see the picture of this SCUM labang and I really pity this SCUM bag...his face is so contorted, twisted bordering on criminal like face! This is what happens when a person become a frog...he lost his principle, feel guilty n with no direction. It is better he go to S'mananjung n open his eyes.

And you can see the other scums behind him with contorted n twisted faces possibly thinking of crooked things.

The timing stinks to say the least. It also reflects that BN/Pbb can stoop very low indeed and has such pathetic twisted ammunition against its Pembangkang.

May Good n Honest people prevails over n above this SCUMBAG..

Anonymous said...

Berapa penyampau duit diberi agai Ambrose Labang? "Pandai" amat milih jam ngenatai ke diri di Batang Ai.

Manah ia badu ari PKR. Gaga orang Julau meda ia badu. PKR mesti ngiga orang ke manah agi ngambi ulih numbang ke Wong Judat enggau William Mawan maia bepilih besai ila.

Kita Batang Ai anang ngundi BN lalu meri Taib senang. Undi PKR ngambi perintah BN takut baru ke bansa Iban. Diatu Iban ngelaban Taib ngena pinsil!

PBB member said...

Ambrose is an idiot. No country in the world, including US and UK, where opposition provides funds for development purposes. Nadai guna bisi "Dr" enti iya nadai nemu on the role of the opposition and the parties in power.

stingray said...

All those dayaks who wants to fulfill the dreams that their forefather cherished must do their part to persuade their fellow dayaks to vote PKR.A vote for PKR is a vote for their dreams to have their NCR back.Vote PKR!

Mata Kuching said...

Whatever need to be said about BN empty promises and election ploys have already been said and make known by PKR leaders and supporters including bloggers to the voters of Batang AI. The next 24 hours will be very crucial to prevent PKR supporters from been led astrayed or be drowned in drinking.

We must stay sober and think of only one mission and that is to ensure Jawah Gerang win convincingly. Only then you may enjoy the money that BN gave after the polling day. These are your money and so enjoy them well but VOTE PKR.

Lets us ensure PKR men are stationed in every longhouses and every voting stations to ensure BN goons will not resort to dirty tricks by taking away the IC of voters. Every vote is very crucial for PKR to win .

We need more volunteers as ever to check on BN goons resorting to cheating.

Anonymous said...

This time by saying aloud his resignation from PKR in a moment such as this Mr. Labang is telling the world his true colour. Indeed he is a man without "maruah". Perhaps he has thought, wrongly, that by being in PKR, being among the first few, then he could command control over fund. And perhaps this idea is derived from what he has seen or perceived it to be that in BN everybody who campaign at Batang Ai be given money. And after he is disappointed as no money has been forthcoming from PKR he has jumped over to BN with the hope of getting money there. Alas, he will be disappointed there too. For anyone who desires for money by joining any political organization will always be disappointed, even in BN. Those in BN that are seen to be enjoying having a lot of money are those who have been there around the corridor of power. But ever at the corridor of power they are also put into various grades, and only the real blood/next of kin and cronies are given real money, money that last and in untold amount. Definitely no money to a Johnny-comes-lately like Labang! Furthermore money during this by-election is only can be best described as "transciendental" or "momentarily" or a "mirage" or likened to the rain-drop on the sand where it sinks beneath the surface no sooner after the fall, and when the heat of the sun comes it vapourises and disappears.
Any Dayak, including Labang, who after having seen how Taib ruled this State whereby it has ensured that no wealth should ever remains with the Dayak, and for that matter he does not want to issue land titles to the Dayak people lest they use them as wealth, and yet still believes that he be giving money to prosper by, this late in the numbered days of his reign , is living in a dream world. And Labang who all these years since he left the civil service has been fuming mad at the rigid control over money by Taib aforesaid will soon find it out after the by-election is over that all those good statements alluding to, about, and congratulating him for joining the BN will soon disappear, and to his dispair he will find out that despite his betrayal at an (in)-opportune time such as this, he will still be looking for money without finding any. BN people will ignore him after that. Alas, like the mirage disappearing into the horizon, his expectation for good fortune for his betrayal shall dissipates to thin air so fast in his very eyes. Only despondency like always shall linger with him, till the end of time.
"Anak Dayak that knows Labang"

Anonymous said...

Oh our people of the land. You who were born and blessed to inherit God's given Eden where the clear water used to flow, food plentiful from in the bushes nearby and wildlife roamed nearby.You are blessed with hospitality and a happy simple honest life which city people like us can only dream of.Even now, you happily welcome and share with strangers whatever little you may have.Among your most precious possessions were your shotguns,parangs and blowpipes..and sometimes ayam sambong.
I know, for my friends and I have been welcomed on many weekends and Gawais in your humble longhouses.I count myself to be unfortunate to be born in the and brought up in the city with all its greed,sins and struggles.This greed has brought the people of the city to continuously invade into your ancestral land... I am sure that you knew all along...for your river water are no more drinkable... even the babi hutan and and kijang had migrated deep into the jungles.
The city people will continue to try move you out of your farmland and resettle you in longhouses where you have to pay for your water and electricity and handphones and cut them off when you cant afford. They give you a tiny infertile plot and expect you to survive on that.They think that 'modernisation'and their ways is for your own goodand be a slave to their plantations. How would they feel if we asked them to vacate their palaces in town, and relocate them,give them each a box of matches,to stay and live off the land like you? Maybe this will be good for them!
How many times have I traveled downrivers with passengers who are so sick and some time pass away along with way? Why dont they help you a good clinic nearby, a good school and technologies to help you produce more from your land? What good is a road if it is to be lined with miles and miles of sawit and you cant afford a car or pay for transport down?
As a friend of your people,I can only continue to grieve for you and hope that you will not fall prey and be tempted to eat the big red apple.
Arise , my friend,and beware of the glittery serpent that comes in a dragonfly!
May the good Lord bless and guide you to your destiny.

Anonymous said...

This election will see the storm of change. Many people has shifted back to BN, especially when Tun Dr Mahathir come on ground to give his speech.

All 3 election will be won by BN. And this will be the first of many to come..

God almighty has shown his power.

aki itok said...

I wish to comment on this article and clarify on certain facts that everyone must know about this ALJ.
LUBOK ANTU: Is PKR in Sarawak cracking up?

"Yes," Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) president Datuk Seri Dr James Masing said after PKR's Julau division chairman Dr Ambrose Labang Jamba quit the party on Saturday and applied to join the Barisan Nasional. His deputy and secretary have also joined him in quitting the party.


Who is ALJ? A disgruntled PKR member?

To all Batang Ai voter...ALJ or Ambrose Labang Jamba is a desperate man who has been declared a bankrupt by financial institutions and was asked to relinquish his senior government post because of his involvement in corruption during his tenure as government servant.

Enti ia minta, PKR sigi enda nerima ia...Bediri meh ia ba sitak Julau enda meh ia ulih laban rekod ia maya ia ke kereja nyadi DO din suba enda manah amat. Peda undi ke ulih ia maya ia bepilih suba....nya ke ka nyadi tuai PKR ba Julau?

Manah agi ia ngemansut ke diri ari PKR diatu laban orang baka ia nya meh ke nyadi KATAK lalu engkechit ngagai orang bukai enti ia diasuh betanding ngari ke PKR ba sitak Julau maya bepilih besai ila... Enti ila enggai ke ngachau rancangan deka ngemansang ke sitak Meluan tau ka Pakan.

Mayuh agi orang Julau ke pandai ti tau diambi nyadi pengari PKR di Julau ia ke be amat-amat deka ngemaju ke rakyat.

"There is a huge crack in PKR, no matter what (Datuk Seri) Anwar (Ibrahim) says," Masing said when asked on Jamba's move.

SNAP split last week when the faction led by the party's deputy president, Ting Ling Kiew, broke ranks and pledged their support to the BN and Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak. They had also thrown their support behind the BN in the Batang Ai by-election.

The faction led by its president Edwin Dundang had aligned themselves with PKR.
Jamba, who stood against Deputy Communication, Water and Energy Minister Datuk Joseph Salang in Jalau in last year's parliamentary election, alleged that PKR "was not sincere in helping the people"

"They are there just to satisfy themselves for their own agenda. PKR is not for the Dayaks/Ibans, especially those in the rural areas," Jamba said in a statement.
Bisi Abrose Labang Jamba orang Julau enda rami, nadai Ambrose Labang Jamba pun orang Julau enda sunyi...bakanya ko gaya situasi di Julau enti nyebut ALJ. Ba PKR jauh agi.. Bakani ko ia (ALJ) deka ngari ke sitak Julau ngari ke PKR;

a. Menyadi ia nyadi Secretary Joseph Salang Gandum ari bn
b. Ia udah kala udah kena gagai bank lalu kena declare Bankruptcy
c. Ia udah digagai ACA dulu suba ketegal ke bisi ngaga pengawa ke nda tentu betul maya ke kereja ba printah suba- nya alai ke diberi option tumu ngetu gawa (nya alai ia pedis ati ke printah ukai ketegal ia deka nulong rakyat).

Enti sema ia dipilih PKR nyadi ke pegari lalu menang – tentu bala deka nasat pengawa ia ke dulu suba, ngasuh pemenang ia tau dibatalka ga ..kena ia nyelamat ke diri empu...ujong-ujong engkechit ngagai bn baka ke udah nyadi di Perak.. Pengawa ALJ diatu nya pengawa desperate man.

Anonymous said...

Not to much rely on Special Branch assessment, sometimes incorrect.

Anonymous said...

Ambros Labang is a bastard. bastard

Anonymous said...

Jabu is misleading the iban's adat far i know...when a muslim VIP comes to a longhouse...the miring or genselan will not be held as they know about muslim sensitivity about it....

Jabu is trying to mislead the rakyat with his own fatwa....pathetic

Anonymous said...

Good morning semua.
i just got back from LUbok Antu and feeling miserably sad when we succumbed to baka kera ke diberi buah pisang by promises and money offfered to them. Are we iban that easy to treat? Are we iban that cheap? The literate ones, please dont put yourself down so low as to let people of other races say you are cheap and easy to please? Dini endor nuan engkah mua nuan begulai enggau bangsa bukai enti nuan enda nemu berfikir. huh?
Wake up iban anang become paloi forever.
For the sake of our own people, please i beg those literate ibans to tell the message to those illiterate and ignorant iban that we are being and forever sidelined if we fail to realise our fooly for the past number of decades.
Anang ninga ka jako sida ke bak BN. These peoples are traitors of their own race.
We have been telling semua kitai ibans kebuah kitai kak ngering kediri begerempong laban pengari kitai ke bak BN nya semuanya ngisi perut diri aja, sanggup bebula nipu bangsa diri, ngindik bangsa diri serta sanggup enggau bangsa bukai ngemeli ka bangsa diri empu.YBs and wakil rakyat of iban origin, if you help other race to fool your own race, dont you feel ashamed of yourself of being an iban? Means to say you too belonged to a race of fools and mst of you married orang putih and you think your wife ging to admit you as orang putih too with a wide short nose and hitam? ASSHOLE.
once again, please vote for our long lost right, this is the time we show them that we are not descendent of apai saloi.

Unknown said...

Don't worry much about him, he is just looking for very a cheap publicity.

jumpover said...

sapa sida ka ka ngemeli ka bangsa kitai segulai enggau taik matt mutt nya sigi di buai magang. Ka ia dr ..ka madi ka ia kaban dia ..buai meh. manuk labang enda ulih disabong panjai semina pagi ari aja...tang enti udah laun mimit lalu enda bedaya agi. Tumpul kaki...tumpul pantuk...tumpul taji ...tumpul untak.

Anonymous said...

Huh, what i can say more to the ibans? as an iban, i feel so ashamed of myself. i dont think iam that stupid. iam thinking of changing my racial idenity, malu, amat malu.
ok let see what our brothers in BN can do as promised.
Let see that no more NCR land taken and given to others.
Let see all application for land titles be processed promptly. It is that very easy to.
Let see our educational problems be checked.
Let see govt employment intake be fairly distributed.
Malcolm, kitai selalu betemu ngirup, aku tarit telu pelir nuan enti enda nemu bejako ka bangsa kitai, ingat.