Tuesday, April 7

S'wak PKR cries foul over two incidents

Taken from http://malaysiakini.com/news/101899

Barisan National has won the Batang Ai by-election, but the polling was marred by two alleged incidents according to the PKR. One incident supposedly involved phantom voters and the other was about padlocks on ballot boxes being tampered with.

In the first incident, two 40-seater buses and a van, said to have been used for ferrying voters from various parts of the state, stopped near one polling station, SRK Lubok Antu, where they were allegedly carrying voters there to cast their votes before the polling station closed at 5pm.
According to a PKR leader, Dominique Ng, he received a telephone call from a party member telling him that the vehicles were used for ferrying what he believed to be phantom voters.
By the time, the PKR leader and his supporters arrived at the scene, one of the buses had taken off with its passengers while the other was waiting for its passengers to come out from the polling station.

Ensuring a clean electoral process

Ng, who is the Batang Ai PKR coordinator, lodged a complaint with the local police chief and also a senior election officer.

Later, Ng and other PKR people went to a nearby police station and also had a discussion with officials for about 20 minutes inside the SMK Lubok Antu polling station.

Emerging from the meeting, Ng said that he had a list of 50 of those who boarded the bus and managed to check 15 identity cards. They came from Kuching, Mukah and Kanowit. The rest did not furnish their identity cards and no one could ascertain whether they were genuine voters or not.

However, these people informed Ng that they were employees of Kemas. PKR then lodged a complaint that they were suspicious that these people were either phantom voters or they used some other people’s identity cards.

They took action to ensure a clean electoral process especially when the party had complained earlier about the security during the transportation of ballot boxes from 14 polling stations.
The complaint on the ballot boxes was not entertained so PKR decided to purchase separate padlocks to ensure the integrity of these boxes were not compromised.

Ng said that when the boxes were about to be opened later it was found only one original padlock was intact.
Meanwhile, PKR leaders and supporters said they were in state of shock and disbelief at the initial results of the counting involving 15 out of 26 polling districts with a total electorate of 8,129 voters.
Counting started at 3pm after the ballot boxes from the 14 polling stations arrived either by road or helicopter at the tallying centre at Lubok Antu.


Anonymous said...


abangjamboo said...

the loss at Batang Ai shows that foul play and most importantly, brainwashing of the voters are still apparent. we must improve our delivery system to the voters in making PRs stronger foothold in Sarawak.
despite the loss, good job in securing the votes and educating the masses

Anonymous said...

Ibans of Batang Ai made a very wise choice by voting for BN. They have realised that only BN can bring about development and progress to their community with their BN leaders.

I am sure BN will reward them with more projects such as agriculture, shares in oil palm estate

zakwan said...

Kudos 2 all Sarawak blogggers( Letters from Btg Ai,Hornbill Unleashed,Broken Shield,Dayak Warrior,Lina Soo etc)
Ur commitment 4 change has made ur fellow comrades in the Peninsular proud
All the hardwork n sacrifices u hav made throughout the campaign is highly appreciated n u hav my undivided gratitude

Rest assured,we will not see the last of u
We will be hearin from u again in the comin state election,God Willing
We live 2 fight another day n we will fight harder 2 rid Sarawak of Taib n Co.

N 2 the 2000+ Ibans/Dayak brethren who voted 4 PKR,a big THANK YOU!!!!!THANK YOU!!!!!!THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!!! 4 ur willingness 2 give change a chance
Hopefully,ur commitment 4 change remains intact in the comin state election

Anonymous said...

Jangan putus asa...harapan masih ada, sentiasa ada! Kita faham keadaan di sana tapi ianya pasti akan berubah di masa akan datang!

King Cup

NEIL said...

We all know how dirty BN is but the lost of Batang Ai is solely on the dayak's hands.We can say anything but if they cannot put the 'X' correctly on the ballot paper,then blame no one but themselves.
I pity the dayaks becos ,been so uneducated, they are at the mercy of the corrupted BN.With a few dirty ringgit,they are putting them and their children on the road to misery.
Masing and Jabu are fully responsible to put the dayaks in poverty.So to all the dayaks,starting today,you all must paly your part to convince these voters of the need for change.
We will meeet again in the next election and if they are ready,then God knows who they will vote.Adios Batang Ai.BN will pack up and leave you in this harsh environment to fend for yourself.Let see all the projects given will be implement or not.
PKR,don't cry over spill milk.Even foul play is to be happen,blame yourself for not double checking the voters on that day.Whatever happens,PKR have to take full responsibility for this loss.Start now and you will reap the fruits in the next election.

Phyrestarter said...

Good Morning Readers...

What a night last night...results reactions...Oh well..here goes..

2 out of 3 is not so bad...67 percent winning rate but this shows something in the result...

Firstly...we Sarawakians are not ready for change...maybe those living in towns are ready as Bandar Kuching shows. The amount of money and attention given to Batang Ai was simply too much to ignore. I do hope the locals can keep track to all that was promised to them and make sure its delivered. Although some may remain a promise until the next time.

Congrats to PAS and PKR for their wins at Bukit Gantang and Selambau respectively...Somehow with that much attention showered on these 2 areas shows that the Bee End were more worried bout these 2 areas as opposed to Batang Ai.

OK...now we must prepare for the state election. With more seats to concentrate on and more areas to give money, PR may get a few more seats. 2011? More like next year 2010.

Jabu and Masing a.k.a Dumb and Dumber will prob take a few days to laugh and gloat but I guess we gotta put up with it. We contributed to them being able to act like that. Something may happen...we never know..

Its a long term process...dun let the pessimist get us down...bloggers are now the mainstream despite what Dumb and Dumber says....

Funny how they still seem to be in denial...they should just see their kids who dun even bother to read newspapers and watch news on tv...instead the internet is their source of news...

A year will pass by quickly...lay the ground work and we will give them less to laugh about..

Anonymous said...

The defeat at Batang Ai is a valuable lesson learned. It has given an insight into what politics in Sarawak are all about. One can take heart here in that in that defeat the people having been promised so much goodies which if really implemented (doubtful)those promised goodies could go to help lighten up the people's burden. the projects promised will not be implemented actually because otherwise in less than 2 years time BN would have no more projects to promise in the coming general election. And in fact if not for the over-powerful BN machi neries, logistic, helicopters and the promise of projects too over-bearing it would rather BN lost the better for the people in term of getting those project promised implemented. Because with opposition elected representative being all the time around BN will be on guard always and for sure they BN would implement those projects promised.
However the resolve of Pakatan Rakyat to continue should not be affected by this defeat, and if anything it should be all the more pursued with much vigour. SUPPORTER

Apai Semalau said...

Putting fraud etc. aside, the folks of Batang Ai have given their verdict. If this is what they want, so be it. Just don't whine and complain when empty promises start to surface. The majority of the voters are short sighted. They need to get out of the "bugau" mentality. They have literally sacrifice the future of their children and the next generation. They can also say good bye to their NCR lands. Its a forgone conclusion.

Anonymous said...

Kalau Bukan menipu, Itu Bukan BN namanya.

Anonymous said...

Lots of promises and money politic by BN.

Look at Bukit Slambau n Bkt. Gantang the voters there were more matured but in Sarawak senang di tipu BN lebih agi Dayak/Iban peturun Apai Sali

Anonymous said...

BN tipu satu hal, korang pun juga gagal convince voters to stop voting Taib and gerombolan. Sampai bila mentality korang nak macam penyokong PR di Semenanjung. nanti state election korang work extra hard, tapi kena mula strategi dari sekarang

Unknown said...

Dont blame the ibans in Batang Ai.
If they vote PKR, they will be victimised. Unless every ballot is mixed up and then count. Only then nobody knows which area is voting the pkr.

Anonymous said...

dont worry...in 2 yrs time State election will come...this time we check how serious the promised they made to people of batang ai...pls make sure that PKR's operation staff well train to handle the situation that can monopolised by BN to cheat...improve our team for the next 2 yrs...VICTORY IS JUST AHEAD OF US..

Anonymous said...

Is this the end as far as the padlock tampering is concerned? I think PKR should use legal means to declare the result null and void.

To overturn an 806 majority into a "landslide" in the manner it was achieved isn't possible.

Come on PKR. Don't let Taib get away with this.

PBB Member said...

For those who moaned (or mourned) at the loss in Batang Ai, well there is another by-election going to be held before the end of the year or even sooner. A MP is dying of cancer and his days are numbered. It seems that the EC is already making preparation for another round of by-election.

Anonymous said...

Batang Ai and to all Dayak/iban in rural area,

Sampai bila-bila pun you orang macam tu.Sedarlah sikit.Jangan sampai menjual maruah sehingga sanggup mengadai tanah dan harta demi project yang BN beri.

Anonymous said...

the day will come
2000 plus votes are quite a lot.
wiht god will we will
PKR the only way