Friday, April 24

Prove the land is yours, says Awang Tengah

Awang Tengah says that the government is recognizing native customary rights (NCR) lands as long as the landowners can come up with proof or evidence and the piece of land fulfills the existing land conditions.

“The evidence and conditions must be based on the research and record kept by Land and Survey Department,” the second minister of planning and resource management said.

He cited an agricultural development project purportedly to be implemented on the site where a longhouse, Rumah Chang in Niah, had been built.

Certainly we can prove that land belongs to the landowners based on the following pieces of evidence :-

>> The existence of pendam tuai (old graves) before 1 January 1958;

>> The existence of tembawai ( the sites where longhouses had been built) before 1 January 1958;

>> The existence of fruit trees, rambutan, durian, engkabang, rubber trees, (some of these trees are more than 100 years old);

>> The owners have been farming the land from generation to generation even during the Brooke regime (Tuai Rumah and Penghulu can bear witness. But the problem is that the Tuai Rumah and Penghulu have been warned by the government not to simply endorse such land as NCR land belonging to a certain person. The other problem with Tuai Rumah is that a number of them have become land brokers for certain YBs as in the case of Bau and in Lundu);

>>“Pemakai menoa” and “Pulau Galau” have now been declared by the Federal Court as part of NCR land and can be used as evidence of the existence of NCR land.

It must be admitted that it is not easy to reconcile our proofs with the evidence and conditions on the research and record kept by the Land and Survey Department.

>> Firstly, the department, if it is against us, will say that there is no evidence or record kept by them.

>> Secondly, the department may erase the evidence and record, so we will still lose to them.

From now on, we should wherever possible survey our own land using the GPS (Global Positioning System) and submit the surveyed land to the Land and Survey Department.

Although the government does not recognize it, we have at least a piece of evidence and the Court, however, recognizes our rights in the land. – The Broken Shield


Anonymous said...

Which existed first: Sarawak Land and Survey Dept or the Dayaks?

Who is Mr Wang Tanah to pass judgements and conditions?

Do you still support Mr Wang Tanah, Apai Salai?

NEIL said...

Awang,what the crap are you barking!Here you are asking for prove to the land that their forefathers have been dwelling for centuries.The are known to be the original land owner and you are what Ahmad Ismail call the 'squatters'.

Sometime its better for you guys to keep your mouth shut.Any barking will arouse shame and hatred.This senseless talk is just to fan the fire of hatred among the dayak communities.

I know you are one of the richest land owners around and its easy for you to just instructed those Land and Survey guys to survey the land that once belongs to these dayaks who don't have any land title but only fruits trees on it.

But for these dayaks to ask for their land to survey to re-enforce their claim that they are truly the owner of these land,this demands falls on deaf ears.

As the demnds for their land to be survey falls on deaf ears,they are been denied the land title ,which the urban folks used as proof of ownership.

So now Awang is pushing the dayaks to the wall by saying this crap.Where will they get any proof of ownership.If you believe stone aged claim,like fruit trees,belian boundary markings,farms,and any man made marks that shows human occupation,then this claim will surely be valid.Ask the Tuai Rumah and he will be the man who can give you some ideal of land ownership.

Awang,you are a compound to a problem,not a solution.For you to say such is what I say a man who don't shown his capabilities to lead and be a leader.For A leader who shows his capabilities to lead,he must be humble ,wise in his decisions and honest,But here you lack such.I'm really disappointed that our CM anointed you as his likely successor.

Phyrestarter said...

Morning readers,

Lanun Tanah says a lot of many of them he actually do...Promise the people a lot of things but impose so many restrictions. By the time you want to get it done your kids may not even get it.

Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum, Lanun Tanah say come come come into my tum tum

Anonymous said...

Neil: Mr Taib only appoints followers, not leaders. Mr Wang Tanah fits the bill.

Anonymous said...

Nothing we can say more...our people have decided our course from the day of N29 by-election. We chose to be tugged by the noses and so dont blame....Lands belong to minsiters of land-development, fair enough

NCR = No Claiming Rights

Unknown said...

Anang bejaku ja lebih dalam blog bakatu.. Madah pun kitai enti ka berani dalam blog ndai guna.. Uji ngelaban ga deh.. Mayuh rita kaban belayan kitai di ambi perintah tanah sida, bah ni bala kita ke pandai nya deh? Ni jaku dayakism kita deh? Jaku enti nadai action just a dream..... Sama angkat kitai, ambi kering peda org... Enti sida ke di atas nya, sigi nya meh jaku sida ia.. Jauh g ka nulung.