Friday, April 24

Where are Your YBs?

According to The Borneo Post on 22 April, families from landslide-affected Rumah Ali, Kerangan Tinggi in Krian Saratok which occurred early this year are disappointed that the relevant authorities have yet to respond to their plight.

One of the victims, Andrew Unjah, 51, three months after the disaster which damaged their properties, they had yet to receive any assistance from the authorities nor hear any news from them.

According to him, the landslide which occurred on the night of January 11 had brought down his toilet, generator shed and fuel storage. His brother-in-law Mathew Handary was also a victim who received a harder blow as his “bilik” was located at the end of the nine-door longhouse. The second landslide occurred on the morning of January 29.

Mathew had lodged a report of the incident at the Saratok Police Station. His loss was about RM2,000, while Andrew’s was RM500. After being informed, the district officer visited the damaged longhouse. The JKKK officially wrote to the district officer who in turn wrote to the Betong Divisional Disaster Committee with copies to the Betong Resident, Divisional engineer and the welfare department.

Top leaders at federal and state levels had been sympathetic to the victims of calamities, yet it was disappointing to note that the agencies in the division entrusted to look after their welfare had failed to translate their concern into action. But where is Peter Nyarok, Krian State assemblyman or Jelaing Meresat, the Saratok MP?

Why? The question can easily be answered. Usually if victims of calamities are supporters of Barisan Nasional, the BN leaders are all out to visit the scene and bring goodies and other assistance. I can assure you the first to visit will be deputy chief minister Alfred Jabu Anak Numpang especially if the area is in a PBB constituency. Awang Tengah Ali Hassan, Abang Johari, George Chan and the YB in the particular area will visit them.

But if you are perceived to be supporters of opposition, the BN will ignore you. Unless and when there is a by-election as in the case of the recently concluded Batang Ai by-election when they will bring gunny sacks of money, make promises of development and beg you to support the BN.

They will bring bulldozers and appear to be busy doing some road works, and on the day when polling begins, they start to pull their bulldozers out of the area (this we saw in Batang Ai).

Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak has reminded BN leaders that political rhetoric could erode public confidence. He said that the people would be most unhappy if what were promised to them were not fulfilled.

Speaking in Johor Bahru, Najib said: “If we make a certain promise, we must deliver the promise and our administration will ensure that the people’s aspirations are met in the best possible way.” Very nice to hear, but will our BN leaders in Sarawak listen to Najib?The Broken Shield


Phyrestarter said...

Morning readers...

I think the people in those areas will have to wait till the next state election before anything will be done. As you know, Batang Ai took all the allocations already.

As was rightly pointed out some places get response so fast while others get it so slow and so late they might as well have not given any help.

But then again the many of us in Sarawak have short memories and in the end we will never bring up any issues as it is "not our culture"

Maybe you need to talk to the PKR or DAP a press conference and maybe some actions will be taken.

Unknown said...

Very easy, if the YB for that constituency doesn't care or wouldn't care about his own constituency, then don't vote for him or the party he represented in the next election. Don't be ever decieved by their promises or the party symbol.

It the responsibility of that YB to look into the welfare of his constituency (like property damaged or live lose due to landslide, flood, fire, draught or any issue pertaining to the land) as he was voted by the people.

We don't need this type of YB who are ignorant of his own responsibilty.

Unknown said...

this is an extract of a report by an independent journalist which shows that the Election Commission is just PRO BN! If you support this report, please cut and paste on every group in Facebook. Thank you.

"The same views have been echoed by no less than the Election Commission (EC). Plus, the EC has openly supported proposals by some BN leaders such as Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz, Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir and Tan Keng Liang to prevent "unnecessary" elections. These include suggestions for stricter laws, and penalties for elected reps or their parties should an elected representative resign for reasons other than what's stated in Article 48(1) of the Federal Constitution."