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News and Views: Crab and snail mentality

Henry Harry Jinep, a Bidayuh intellectual and entrepreneur, spoke of crab mentality among the Bidayuhs, saying that the Bidayuhs had no one to blame, but their crab mentality of pulling down those on top when they lost a representation in the federal cabinet.

The community lost a federal cabinet post of deputy minister when Tiki Lafe was not reappointed as a result of the ”community’s internal politicking to pull him down.”

The politicking against Tiki was so bad to the extent that Barisan Nasional leaders feared the community was heading towards disintegration with leaders going separate directions.

“From the first day that Tiki was made a deputy minister, there was a lot of politicking to pull him down or to ensure that he would not go up again,” he said.

The crab mentality reminds me of a woman selling two types of snails in a market. A man came enquiring what was the woman selling. Replying the woman said she was selling snails. The man looked into an open pail and asked what was inside the other pail that was covered. The woman said both pails contained snails. Curious the man asked again why she needed to cover the pail.

The woman said that she was selling two types of snails. The one side the covered pail was the “town” snails and it must be covered, because if one of the snails escaped, it would pull up the rest so that they all would escape. The other pail was open, because if one snail tried to escape, the rest would pull it down, so that nobody would escape.

Is there any similarity to the crab mentality of the Bidayuhs as mentioned by Henry Harry Jinep?

Financial grants to small-scale pepper cultivation

The Ministry of Plantation, Industries and Commodity has allocated a grant of RM4.09 million to encourage pepper cultivation among small-scale farmers in Sibu, Kanowit and Selangau.

The allocation has been channeled through the productivity and income enhancement programme for pepper smallholders, said Nangka Awang Bemee Awang Ali Basah.

He was speaking at the launch of a three-day pepper production and marketing technology course in Sibu. Forty participants from Sibu attended the course organized by the Malaysian Pepper Board Sibu branch.

Due to low prices of pepper and high costs of production, Sarawak has slipped into fourth position in the production of pepper in the world after Vietnam, Brazil and Indonesia. Decades ago Sarawak occupied top position.

In order to stimulate the pepper industry the Ministry of Plantation, Industries and Commodity should extend such grants to farmers in other division, so that Sarawak farmers can produce from the current production of 4,000 to 10,000 metric tonnes by 2020.

We know in the past the government did not really care about the problems faced by the farmers otherwise Sarawak would not have fallen into poor fourth position. Incentives should have been given as the government did to oil palm smallholders.

It is suggested that the government should buy back both black and white pepper say at RM700 per ton for black and RM1200 per ton for white. In this way the pepper prices will not only be stabilized but will not go down below the government prices.

But has the government the political will to do it? – The Broken Shield
(See SNAP story from Malaysiakini below)

Snap at it again: No 2 vs No 1

The latest crisis in the Sarawak National Party (Snap) is reaching a point of no return with Ting Ling Kiew, its deputy president, threatening to sue the party leadership if they pursue with their show-cause letter against him.

“I have not received the letter and I do not know what the contents and the allegations against me,” he said when contacted today.

“Tell them, they should withdraw the show-cause letter. Otherwise they will feel sorry for their actions. Don’t play with me. I will sue them,” he warned.

Ting accused Edwin Dundang, Snap president and Stanley Jugol, its secretary general, of not following procedures when they called an emergency meeting to discuss the show-cause letter, alleging that there was no notice of meeting and there were no text messages to the members.

“How can they do this?” he asked.

Snap had sent the show-cause letter to Ting and Augustine Sating, appointed vice- president and a CEC member.

It is understood that the allegation against Ting was that he was 'selling' the party to the Barisan Nasional when he met the newly elected Umno president and Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak early this month. He did not consult the CEC members.

For Sating, he was given the show-cause letter because he campaigned for the BN candidate Malcolm Mussen Lamoh against Jawah Gerang of PKR during the Batang Ai by-election. The Snap leadership had earlier declared its solidarity with Pakatan Rakyat and PKR.

The show-cause letters which give them 30 days to reply will expire on May 6 . But sources close to the party leadership did not expect the duo to reply to the show-cause letters.

It is said that the dispute in the party started to flare up when Dundang and his deputy Ting did not see eye to eye on the Batang Ai by-election. While Ting wanted Snap to contest the by-election, Dundang and Jugol insisted on supporting the PKR candidate Jawah Gerang.

Disagreement over Batang Ai

According to Ting, he was directed by the president to form a committee to gauge whether the party should contest in the by-election.

“After I formed the committee, suddenly I found out that the president and secretary-general threw their support to PKR and Jawah and insisted that Snap would not be contesting” he said.
Ting said he was furious that Snap had aligned itself with PKR as he saw no future for the party in PKR and called for an emergency CEC meeting. According to him, all members attended, except Dundang and Jugol, as they were campaigning for Jawah in Batang Ai.

The meeting agreed that Ting should see the newly elected Umno president and convey the party’s support for his leadership.

Ting had said that he did this for the love of the party. “We want to save the party and we don’t want to leave the BN.”

He also sought Najib’s help to resolve Snap’s problem with the Registrar of Societies which had de-registered the party on November 5, 2002. Snap has been granted a stay of execution pending an appeal.

In 2002, the party faced a similar leadership crisis between the then president James Wong and his deputy Peter Tinggom and eight other CEC members, resulting in the de-registration of the party and the formation of Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party now led by William Mawan.

In 1983, Snap faced its first major leadership crisis, also involving the then president James Wong and a team of Dayak leaders, led by Leo Moggie and Daniel Tajem. Moggie fought Wong for the party’s presidency but lost. Together with Tajem, Moggie founded Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak the same year.

Virtually reduced to a skeleton today, the party which can take pride in producing Sarawak’s first chief minister Stephen Kalong Nngkan is slipping further down the road of oblivion.


United States Of All-Borneo said...

What happened to the 14 ballot boxes?

Anonymous said...

Henry Harry Jinep spoke on personal basis that does not reflected or represent the bidayuh community as a whole, tho' he is in DBNA. DBNA is just an association not a political party, he should remember that.

Mixing these 2 ingredients (DBNA & politics) is not a very good recipe.

Any ministers line-up in the government is not at any bidayuh or dayak in general's disposal. Still it is Taib's final decision.

Put it this way, Henry Harry Jinep (if you happened to read this) or any bidayuh readers, well, the bidayuh now is not at Taib's best interest.

Even if the bidayuh have the potential figures that should be in Najid's line-up, Taib have the final say, the bidayuh don't. What can the bidayuh offer to BN now? Vote?

Well, you know what to do in the next election. But beware, there are some bidayuh YBs who are very cunning and shrewd to gain as much support from the voters thru' BN for personal gain. Don't be easily deceived.

Anonymous said...

Tiki is not blameless in his being sidelined by his own party boss and by Sarawak BN leaders. Harry Jinep knows why Tiki is not a popular figure among his political colleagues and leaders.

But this is not the time to point fingers. Tiki's downfall should serve as a lesson to YBs not to bite the hands that feed them. Being a deputy federal minister does not mean you are above your party and can mistreat your voters.

Anonymous said...

Nansian, Tiki, Harry, myself are all crabs. When Tiki and Nansian stood against Patau, they were crabs too. Taib and Yakub are also a crabs, for causing the dawnfall of Dayaks in politics.

Anonymous said...


The crabs was reared way back in the 80s by a localfrom Kpg Picin,Serian. For the past ten years, the crab has been so popular dishes among the bidayuh, every government function held by BN PBB men will have a crab story without a dish, though on the menu always. .
Now the the Tambak has been built by the sokot man ( sago Worm , so the crab was was away during the landas season. No wonder the crabs taste now is not as good as those days crab. Hnery Harry Jinep find the taste sour now.
so let skip the crabs mentality, change and move/vote PKR.

Anonymous said...

If you know that DBNA member well enough, you'll agree with me that he's a Bidayuh scumbag - corrupt, untrustworthy. Don't be fooled.

In such a short span of time during his association with Tiki, he can afford to build himself a big palace.

Did he contribute anything to his kampong even?

Politics is about self-interest, self enrichment. Why even mention his name?

You bloggers need to be more discerning about what or who you highlight. You're all guilty of misinforming others.

Sarawak Mafia