Sunday, April 5

News from Batang Ai (Part 12)

The daily update of news
from Batang Ai by-election

1. SG cars changed to ordinary numbers

Awang Tengah Ali Hassan, a senior vice president of PBB and second minister of planning and resource management, accompanied by Joseph Salang, PRS information chief and deputy minister of energy, water and communications visited Rumah Ungki, Tabau today. On the spot, he approved RM70,000 worth of roofing materials for the longhouse.

On request by the Tuai Rumah for the maintenance of their road, Awang said he would send his officers to estimate the costs of the road maintenance.

Four SG cars were used, but the plates of the cars were changed to ordinary numbers. They tried to cheat, but four MALFREL observers took note of the cars.

Compared Awang Tengah to our Iban ministers, none has that type of authority who dares to approve on the spot. After Taib, Awang Tengah (aka Awang Tanah) is the most powerful minister in the cabinet. Even Alfred Jabu and George Chan, although deputy chief ministers, have none of this authority given to them.

2. Today in history

3 and 4 April 1987 was polling day for the Lubok Antu parliamentary by-election. The by-election was caused by the untimely death of Andrew Janggi Muyang of Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak (PBDS) as a result of a road accident.

You know who was a PBDS then? It was none other than Jawah Gerang, 33 years old. As an economist he worked with a bank and he had to resign his post to take up the challenge.

Twenty two years later, another by-election is being held for the State constituency of Batang Ai following the death of the incumbent Dublin Unting. Again Jawah Gerang has been called by his community to represent Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR). What a coincidence! Even the two-day of polling 3 and 4 equals to 7. Polling date for this by-election is also on 7. Both in April. What do you make of this?

3. An encounter with an Australian journalist

I was in Lubok Antu today where I met an Australian journalist, Norman Hermant, who works for ABC Australia Network and CBC Newsworld. He is based in Bangkok. He is interested to cover Jawah Gerang’s campaign in the interior of Batang Ai, especially those who have suffered for the past 25 years as a result of their resettlement due to the Batang Ai hydro-dam and the government which promised to help them had failed to keep its promises.

We need this type of exposure so that the whole world will know how the Ibans have suffered, marginalized and oppressed.

4. Newly appointed PM to campaign in Batang

It is learnt that the newly appointed Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak will make an historic visit to Sarawak, especially to Lubok Antu to campaign for the BN candidate for the Batang Ai by-election starting from tomorrow. He is likely to be accompanied by Sarawak’s Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud.

The three by-elections, Bukit Selambau, Bukit Gantang and Batang Ai, have been regarded by observers as a test of Najib’s popularity especially when the by-elections are to be held days after he had been appointed as PM.

But PBB deputy president Alfred Jabu Anak Numpang said that the victory of Batang Ai by-election will be a “good present” for Najib from the State Barisan Nasional.
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Anonymous said...

Any one have the photos of the fake car number plates and vehicles concerned, can provide as evidence for further Police Reports. An act of crime!!

Jackson Mangan said...

So, Tjaboo will be there to greet an outsider, lah?!

A’ya, do us a favor, please…

Could you ask PJJ-MAFREL to provide the data on votes (to be) garnered on April 7, 2009?

I’m sure that some of us (including myself) would like to do some simple statistical analyses – on fee-free basis – Insya Allah! Yup, I would like to compare notes on that later on.

Access the sample form at

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Is the cheating and forgery case committed by Awang Tanah, reported to the police?

Anonymous said...

Today in history: this a good omen. Jawah will win. The Dayak Ibans will win. Ketuanan Rakyat will win, over Ketuanan Taib.

Apai Semalau said...

If Awang is capable of signing off that sum of money at the spur of the moment, it goes to show that BN regards the taxpayers money as a bottomless pit. With disregard for accountability, it won't be long before the state coffer runs empty. Does BN consider this generosity in the form of "Instant Cash" day light vote buying/bribery? It makes a mockery of the whole democratic voting process. Other constituencies should now also demand that santa claus Awang visit them with "hand outs" too. Why practise discrimination?
Remember the day when Jabu said to "keep outsiders" out of Batang Ai in the local tabloid? Now he will have to eat his own words because the new PM is coming to Batang Ai and the irony is, he is part of the escort. We Ibans have been taken for a ride for too long by BN. About time we turn our back on them.
All for One and One for all in Jawah we trust to be the new YB of BATANG AI. Let Dayakism prevail.

Mata kuching said...

Taib knows that his zionist melanau empire is coming to an end and he still hope that Najib can help prolong his rule in Sarawak. The trade off is to share Sarawak's wealth with Najib who is also beholden to Taib's financial aid.So taib and Jabu will say BN winning Batang Ai by-election is the best election for Najib.

The Dayaks in sarawak also want Taib to tell Taib to return all NCR land back to their rightful owners and to announced like what NIk Aziz did that we Christians can use the word Allah in our prayer to mean God and in all our Christian publications.

If our new PM cannot fulfil these two requests from the Dayaks, he is wasting our time as well as his. We shall vote PKR and make Jawah Gerang pursues the promises made by BN and to reclaim our land rights.

Anonymous said...

I still hope PKR can win.

but i don know batang air people folks there. only after election we know.

They can promise anything. jangan-jangan tinggal sign board sahaja after election.

Anonymous said...

The Broken Shield and Dayak Nation or anyone voter from lubok Antu go to Lubok Antu Police Station now lodge a report regarding the abuses made by Awang Tengah,JOseph Salang,James Masing and Jabu Numpang.
What they do is broad daylight votes buying.They are cheating in this "Buy" election.MACC take note.

private investigator said...

If the registration plate number of a government vehicle is changed to a false plate number:-

i) take a full view photograph of the said vehicle;

ii) take a photograph of a driver and the passengers;

iii) check the registration number with JPJ and if it is confirmed a false plate number, call for a press conference and expose it to the public. There will be a big issue arising from this later.

Giving out cash to repair longhouses to voters during this campaign period in order to fish for votes contrary to the provisions of the Election Act 1954.This evidence can be used to challenge the election results.

PBB Member said...

May I ask Masing why there are piles and piles of portraitsn of Taib and Jabu at PRS operation centre not distributed and hanged for this by-election purposes?
If you are not interested in these portraits, give them back to us so that we can distribute them or hang them. You people janglah backstab our leaders.

Mata Kuching said...

The Christians in Sabah and Sarawak want our new PM to make his stance on the use of Allah to refer to God in Christian prayer and publications in comformity with the view of Arab and Indonesian muslims. Nik Aziz has already make known his stance and said it is allowed.

The Malays and Muslims in general know it was not an issue at all. Only the Malays and muslims in UMNO who would stood so low as to distort and misuse their authority as UMNO is the government and the government is UMNO of Malaysia.

Now is the time for Najib to tell the Christians and Muslim in Batang Ai his stance on the issue and prove to the rest of the muslims worldwide that they had been wrong and only muslims in UMNO were right to ban the use of Allah by any other faith.

If Najib cant do that he is not worthy to be my PM and PM for all Malaysians.