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Turmoil in Dayak longhouses ~ Malaysiakini

The politicalisation of Dayak institutions have caused a major split in the Iban community, claimed Nicholas Mujah, secretary-general of Sarawak Dayak Iban Association (Sadia).

“The politicalisation of (the posts of) tuai rumah (longhouse chiefs) and penghulu - who these days are being appointed by politicians or political parties - is causing a big split in the longhouses,"
said Mujah .

“Previously, the selection of tuai rumah and penghulu was by the people, for the people and of the people. Unless Iban customs are upheld, there will be no unity (in the community).
”Mujah was responding to comments by Parti Rakyat Sarawak president James Masing who had said that politics within the Dayak community, particularly in the rural areas, has been “fluid until now because there is lack of the smart factor”.

Masing said this is evident among the rural Dayaks whose political stand is seldom firm. He urged educated and intellectual Dayaks to help educate the members of the community, so that they are not manipulated by others.
He claimed that some Dayaks intellectuals are going to the longhouses to incite the people to reject government policies, adding that their campaign of hatred has caused the Dayaks to be further fragmented in politics.
Mujah responded: “I am happy that Masing has realised the weaknesses of the Dayak leaders. The most important thing is that Masing and his group of Dayak leaders can rectify these weaknesses and go back to basics to learn from history.
“I refer in particular to the land (code) amendment in 2000. Despite knowing that the amendment would disadvantage the Dayaks, none of the Dayak legislators dared to oppose it or even felt concerned.”
Mujah rejected Masing’s accusation that Dayak intellectuals are inciting the people to turn against the government.
“I do not agree. I can say that these Dayak intellectuals are only advising their parents not to be cheated another time,” he said.
People confused
Commenting on the same issue, Sarawak Dayak National Union publicity officer John Anthony Brian said the rural people are confused as they cannot distinguish truth from propaganda.They did not know who to trust as some politicians do not tell the whole truth, he said. And because of conflicting statements, the people tend to be sceptical.

Citing the Sarawak Land Consolidation and Rehabilitation Authority (Salcra) as an example, Brain said certain politicians have claimed that Salcra provides many benefits to those participating in the land schemes. However, many have received only RM8 per day or very small dividends per year, he claimed.
Brian, who runs the Dayak Baru.com website, said: “The Dayaks want to see things happen in their area and want the government to deliver its promises. They have heard so many promises. As far as the people of Batang Ai are concerned, they have kicked the ball back to the government (to deliver its pledge of development projects).”

Lawyer and politician Baru Bian said the notion of being politically ‘smart’ is a subjective one.“I don’t think I subscribe to political smartness for the sake of political survival. I prefer correctness. But anyway (Masing) is wrong - as if Dayak leaders are not smart. They are!” he added.


Agom said...

Masing blamed some dayak intellectuals for inciting the longhouse folks to hate and reject government policies as well as causing the dayak to be further fragmented in politics.

Who were these `intellectuals`? Masing did not clarify it very specific on this.

May be he was right if he meant that the `intellectuals` were politicians and government ministers. The Business Ethics Institute of Malaysia (BIEM) in its survey revealed that politicians, business leaders and government ministers were ranked in the bottom three occupation in the country in terms of trust and intergrity. The surveyed said only 11 per cent of the politicians told the truth, while 62 per cent did not tell the truth. For the goverment ministers only 20 per cent told the truth.

So now, we know who have been lieing to the people. Some ministers had made promised to the people many sorts of things but at the end they could not deliver.

Anonymous said...

Hi there everyone.
A very good morning to all readers of the blog.
Masing, poor Masing. The way you expressed your thought doesnt seem to show that you are a PHD holder. Steady unggal, dont ever let others say your PHD is a backyard scrap.
To me, you are the one who misled the Dayaks. You are the one who fooled the Dayaks. It is you who told the Dayaks all the lies. Because of these, you have made intelligent and knowledgeable Dayaks resentful and disrespectful for you.
To me, you should be thankful the the Dayaks especially the Lubok Antu Dayak for being not smart or politically smart, BEACUSE if ther are, my poor Masing, and if iam one of those longhouse dwellers, i would spit on you, let alone letting you enter my longhouse.
Masing, you dont deserve to be an Iban because you cheated your own race merely just for your political benefit.
Let me ask you, how long are you going to last as a politician? Do you ever realise how much impact you have brought to the Dayaks in generations to come?
If you read this comment of mine,STOP IT.
For the sake of you Masing and for the sake of iban dignity, please speak less and work more . Serve you people with deeds, not by talking rubbish. Because the more you talk , the more people will question the genuiness of your qualification.
You took up anthropology, but you missed studying you people's misery.

Phyrestarter said...

Morning all,

I think Masing should be the last person to talk about being smart. Thta's like Jabu saying he's the paramount leader when he actually is the senile old man tepi jalan.

It seems Masing has something agaisnt people deemed smarter and more technologically advanced than him. I wonder why? Maybe he no more the hero of the Ibans armed with a PHD in music and poetry...hahaha...and I am sure you heard how an old lady asked Masing to cure her since he's a doctor..although the wrong type of doctor...hahaha....

But glad to see the really smart Dayaks answering the idiot Masing with the proper statement...no doubt that the Borneo Post will get some calls asking why they publish your remarks...but who the hell cares...when people are so petty you end up a bitter old man who will 1 day tidur bawah pokok sucking on his Yang dikasihi's balls...

Apai Semalau said...

By saying that we dayaks "Lack the smart factor" is equivalent to say we are very stupid, ignorant and are easily con. For once I agree with him. The question is, who took advantage of our ignorance? The likes of him and other BN political instigors out to drain us dry with empty promises. Hijacking our NCR lands with promises of abundant return is nothing new. Maybe he would like to enlighten us with figures on the yearly returns for each family made from oil palms grown on NCR lands for the last 20 years. How is it that after 20 years the majority of us in the rural areas are still dirt poor!? Smarten up James and give us an answer to show us your smart factor if you have any, otherwise just shut up.

NEIL said...

masing is the man who is actually splitting up the dayak community.In many longhouses,the dayaks are split up in groups.Many have their longhouses partitioned into 2-3 sections,with one portion for masing and the other against masg have done absolutely nothing to reunite this dayaks after the election and instead those who show hostility to BN are been sidelined by him.Some are left to fend for themselves in this harsh environment just becos they support PR.
masing MUST come to his sense and help those hardcore poor,no matter which party they support.He MUST reach out to this desperate poor people and help them by giving them food and building materials to repair longhouse.Many of this longhouses are tilting and are in need of repair.masing should have seen this when he went there during the just concluded Batang Ai by-election.If he blinded by his greed for victory ,then he must pay a heavy price when the next election comes.
Now it's time to close ranks and get your act together to help these poor dayaks.We MUST cross party lines nd reach out to this needy.masing must walk the talk and for once shows that he too can be the reliable paramount leader of the dayak community.
uring this by-election,I heard that BN have made tons of promises and I sincerely hope masing will not duck his responsibilities to start dishing out all those things that he and Jabu promised.I will personally make sure that this promises are met,if not I will nail masing and jabu's balls to the durian tree.

Anonymous said...

What James Masing said is an insult to the community he represents and what his party stand for.

At SPDP, we take exception to his statement and urge him to retract it unconditionally.


Anonymous said...

Quote: ' .. Lawyer and politician Baru Bian said the notion of being politically ‘smart’ is a subjective one.“I don’t think I subscribe to political smartness for the sake of political survival. I prefer correctness. But anyway (Masing) is wrong - as if Dayak leaders are not smart. They are!”

Many years ago James Jemot Masing (reportedly to be the first Iban with Ph.D)advocated "Project Ketua Menteri Sarawak". Recently, Masing's political corretness, smartness and political survival were shown in Aljazerra's 101 East programme.

IS HE REALLY THAT SMART? OR Is it a sign of Permanent Head Damage (Ph.D) ....OR ...?

Anonymous said...

In a longhouse there are several factors that can greatly disunited the longhouse dwellers. One is religion and the other is politics. There should be another factor one the smart one and the other the not so smart one. Oh I forgot the big mouth one, talk more less brain sector of the longhouse. Hope Masing can interperate what he promise into action and worthy of his PhD. S

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Masing agrees to this misconception...