Wednesday, March 25

News from Batang Ai (Part 1)

From now onwards The Broken Shield will daily update its readers on news regarding the by-election in Batang Ai.

1. No split in PKR

Deputy Chairman of PKR Batang Ai Division Maling Anak Luna today denied there is split in PKR following the selection of Jawah Gerang as the candidate for the Batang Ai by-election. No doubt various groups in PKR have lobbied for their favourite son to be selected as a candidate as PKR has a free election process to select a candidate. Some have supported Nicholas Bawin and others Jawah Gerang.

He said: “Since Jawah has been selected, Maling called on members and supporters of PKR to be united and give their support to Jawah. “This is because the enemy is not anyone or anybody inside the party. The real enemy is the BN – the cause of the miseries and problems of the people.

2. Mussen teamed with PBB

Reports reaching Kuching today alleged that Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) and its candidate PRS operations room was still in disarray. When Dublin Unting was still in coma for nine months, his service centre had been neglected. The PBB operations room is under the general command of “General” Alfred Jabu anak Numpang, who is deputy president of PBB.

3. New names for Jawah and Mussen

James Masing and his men have smsed a number of people naming the PKR candidate as Jawah Sng anak Gerang. They thought that Sng Chee Hua was behind Jawah’s candidacy. In return, the PKR has alleged that Malcolm Mussen is a PBB man wearing the PRS shirt. They have named him as Malcolm Mussem Jabu anak Lamoh.

4. Linang another independent candidate?

Linang Merujun is said to have performed a “miring” ceremony in his longhouse Sebangki. The reason is unknown. Could he perform the “miring”in order to seek blessing from gods in order to contest as an independent candidate in the coming by-election?

5. Is he serious to contest?

Johnny Chuat
of Iban magazine Pegari is seriously thinking of contesting in the by-election as he believes he has the support of about 800 voters from his longhouse and those nearby.

6. Tuai Rumah held

News from Lubok Antu said that several Tuai Rumah from Batang Ai are now being held at the Hilton Hotel, Batang Ai as “hostages”. Each of the Tuai Rumah is said to have been given RM1,000 and given free food and lodging. How nice? No wonder so many want to become Tuai Rumah.

7. Sandau ari for Jawah

Jawah Gerang, the PKR candidate tonight is performing a “Sandau Ari” (a kind of thanksgiving) at his longhouse at Sayat.

More to come…stay tune. –


NEIL said...

Everyone knows that Malcolm is Jabu's cronies becos masing have no say in the choice of picking a candidate.And moreover PRS don't have any 'boss' who can afford to spent such big amount of money since PRS is in disarray.So that's why PRS have to submit themselves to the whims and fancy of Jabu who is now the anointed boss of PRS.
In short PRS is now a lame duck.Just see who is the man incharge in Batang Ai.Jabu is and masing is only his office boy.It's a shame that PRS have to come down to their knees to beg.PRS, I say ,is indeed dead.
BN is doing all they can to fight back.Being a underdog now,they are losing their grip on Batang Ai.The support for PKR is increasing day by day ,especially with the rushing back of those who are abroad working.These well inform young supporters are determine to see changes to Batang Ai ,which have been left rotting for far too long.We blame no one but BN.This is the opportunity to kick out this bully and vote PKR.Yes,we can!

Unknown said...

Good Morning Mr. Jetty,

BN is building a instant noodle factory in Batang Ai. everyone can get a packet before the close down operation on next few weeks.

Anonymous said...

Of course, there is no split in PKR in Batang Ai and will not split in future.

Joseph Entulu is so nervous for fear PRS will lose in this by-election, that is why he tried to lure Bawin to his fold. Entulu knows very well that PRS has two factions now.

I know Bawin is professional and matured in politics, not an easy prey by leaders in BN.

Jabu who is BN Director of Operation in this by-election will be surprised to see his political mathematics is wrong.In 2006 state election, Jabu predicted that BN would win all 71 seats with bigger majorities, instead BN lost in 9 seats to opposition front.

Anonymous said...

I hope you can follow Mussem ak Jabu and record pix of Mussem Jabu giving out goodies.

Anonymous said...

Jawah Sng Vs Malcolm Mussem Jabu...

Ti aku, antara seduai tu, ka agi aku ngundi Malcolm Mussen Jabu, laban ia iban. Jawah Sng, china. Kapa aku ngundi china.

Nadai bala tuai2 rumah ba Hilton Batang Ai, bala orang bukai nya..
Ti ngumbai aku bula, tanya Resident Manager Resort nya.

Segi gaya meh nya Mussem teamed with PBB...or SUPP..or SPDP !! Baka PKR nya, teamed up with DAP, SNAP,PAS...

Anonymous said...

Desperate move by ` desperado `to kidnap and confine tuai rumah for the purpose to get their support.

stingray said...

If BN 'kidnapped' those Tuai Rumah,the longhouse resident must lodge a missing man report with the police.This is the dirty tactics of umno/BN and today they are using it on this Tuai Rumah.They think that they are the dictator and they can do anything they want.
With Jabu in command, masing is left in the dark.Even taking a lunch break he have to consult Jabu.What is there left for masing.
This by-election,chosen by God to free the dayaks from the demons and the corrupted.The dayaks must not only vote for PKR,they must ensure BN suffer a massive loss so that they will be taught a lesson.Who cares whether they are in shit.We have enough of BN, after 45 years of suppressing and sidelining us,it's time the dayaks wake up.
Give a thumbing victory to PKR and together we will kick BN in the ass.Vote PKR !

Anonymous said...

Strange, but it is true. Mussen is indeed PBB candidate, not PRS nominee. Turn to Page 4 of the Borneo Post today and you will see a picture of PBB workers carrying out posters Abdullah, Taib and Mussen to Batang Ai. Why at PBB headquarters and not at PRS headquarters? Surely, Mussen is PBB candidate using PRS baju.

Unknown said...

So much we have pointed fingures or shouted out loud at Jabu or Masing concerning NCR lands.

One BIG issue that seem to brushed under the carpet or rather being hidden from the PRS supporters (Sng faction) is about Datuk Sng acquired a large NCR lands (hundred of hectars) at Balai Ringin for his own kelapa sawit scheme, whereby those Ibans (Remun) in that area are NOW without NCR lands right anymore. Those Iban are now in dilemma about their future 'tanah pesaka'. And the only lot (tanah) they have is where their house is now. Those Iban have no alternative but to work under the jurisdiction of Sng's empire.

Do we still want to trust Datuk Sng Chee Hua or vice versa?

Is Sng or Jawah under the flag of PKR really could fight for the dayak right for NCR land?

Or could PKR really have the heart to fight for the dayak?

Or is this N29 Lubok Antu By-election is a personal fight between Datuk Sng and Datuk James?

Simply because Datuk Sng with all his money sponsored Jawah Gerang to stand as PKR candidate.

Remember whoever win this election, the dayak will definitely at LOSS...!

Now back to the real issue, if you happened to pass Balai Ringin area, stop by and ask those in Balai Ringgin whereabout is Datuk Sng newly acquired NCR land.

You have your right..!

Just for your thought, how do you feel if you are one of those Iban in Balai Ringin who has lost their NCR land to someone like Datuk Sng? No compensation, nothing and yet you and your children are working in that land that once belong to you and now Datuk Sng's?

The misfortune has befallen those in Balai Ringin, next it could be your area, who knows? Do you...?

zorro said...

Great updates and follow-up Joseph. I will be visiting you everyday.

Anonymous said...

BN will taste their bitter pills in Batang Ai.

Anonymous said...

Re para 6 - Tuai rumah held.

Whether the acts of BN leaders giving out cash of RM1,000 each to tuai rumah during this by-election period contratry to the provisions of Prevention of Corruption Act 1961.

Why giving out of cash is only confined to Batang Ai tuai rumah during this by-election period and not to all tuai rumah in the whole of Sarawak?

As I can see it, the acts of those involved more or less like money politics by some UMNO leaders who vie for posts in the party polls.

I am confuse by two statements made by MACC`s Chief Commissioner Datuk Seri Ahmad Said Hamdan recently which contradicts each other.In his first statement he said money politics simply means corruption and MACC would probe UMNO even if the discipline board was conducting its own probe.

Later he came up with another statement `MACC was not involved in investigation pertaining to party ethics because we recognise that breach of party ethics and discipline is not criminal in nature.He said this in reference of a case involving Ali Rustam who was found guilty in money politics by the party displinary board.

It is our hope that MACC is more transparent in its objective to fight corruption and it undertakes its duties without fear or favour in order to dismiss the public allegations of double standards and being pro-government.

Anonymous said...

Sandau [ari] should be spell as Hari. coz; ari is refer as 'from' thank you.

Anonymous said...

3. New names for Jawah and Mussen

James Masing and his men have smsed a number of people naming the PKR candidate as Jawah Sng anak Gerang. They thought that Sng Chee Hua was behind Jawah’s candidacy. In return, the PKR has alleged that Malcolm Mussen is a PBB man wearing the PRS shirt. They have named him as Malcolm Mussem Jabu anak Lamoh.

CobblerSng ...DumicSng,......
JimmySng, DannylSng...AngwarSng are Dayaksng.

Anonymous said...

Well!! He was JameSNG and some others were JoESNG, BillySng WefredSNG, SingKeeSNG ....MongSang

No different LAH ....

But a least the other one is never JabuSng