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Batang Ai By election: Could BN choose another PBB man?

Although Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) has submitted a name for the Batang Ai by-election to be held on 7 April, there is another list allegedly submitted by Alfred Jabu to the Chief Minister, according to coffee-shop politicians at BDC Stampin, Kuching.

“You know who Jabu wants to be the candidate? It must be that senior civil servant” said one political observer answering his own question. He did not name the civil servant.

It is also learnt that Jabu wanted to be the director of operations for the by-election, but PRS has its own man.

The civil servant referred to is Nelson Mujah, the Lubok Antu district Officer. Although for now, he has been named as the Returning Officer, thus putting to rest his chance to contest.

However, William Nyallau Badak was also in a similar position when he was appointed the Returning Officer for the Lubok Antu Parliamentary seat in the 2004 Parliamentary election; he resigned at the eleventh hour to contest against Jawah Gerang of the then Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak (PBDS).

Meanwhile, PRS has submitted the name of its candidate for the by-election. Speculation is rife that he is a senior agriculture officer. However, some PRS members in Lubok Antu are skeptical, as they suspect that the officer is leaning more towards Parti Pesaka Bumiputra Bersatu (PBB) having a very close relationship with Donald Lawan.

Some PRS members do not want another “Masir” or “Nyallau” in the making. They want Unting’s private secretary to represent the party, whose loyalty to Unting and to the party was undoubted.

The Agriculture officer referred to had been noted for his keenness to contest in every election even against PBDS candidates in the 1980s. But each time, he was not selected by, in particular PBB, or SNAP. He had often been seen in the company of those who were pro-PBB.

According to one political observer, he had already like a cock started to crow by organizing a BBQ function at his longhouse a few days ago. But such a function soon after the death of Dublin Unting made Unting’s relatives unhappy as if the officer and his supporters did not respect the mourning period. It is also said that the officer had met with Jabu last week.

PRS members recalled that Donald Lawan who is a PBB member was behind the candidacy of Masir Kujat for the Sri Aman parliamentary seat in the last election, ignoring Doris Brodie, the number one candidate of PRS and James Masing.

In the Lubok Antu parliamentary constituency, Masing’s nomination of Desmond Sateng was also put aside; instead Jabu recommended William Nyallau Badak as the candidate to contest donning PRS shirts.

The selection of Nyallau and Masir who are known to be supporters of PBB had made PRS members unhappy as well as making Masing very unpopular. Some members openly came out accusing PRS and Masing as being bullied by PBB.

For now, the BN is still short listing the candidate for the by-election. But will a PBB man contest on behalf of PRS in the Batang Ai by-election? Let us all wait and see. The Broken Shield



benTai said...

i hope pkr will win this election.
the babboons must be chased out from the government..

Jackson Mangan said...

The key point here is “the eleventh hour”. We’ll wait for the last minute changes on March 29, 2009 – it’s 99.9% guaranteed!

And don’t worry, as from time to time, our office bird - the engkerasak - will always fly here and there to provide us with some good news!


Anonymous said...

Batang Ai seat belongs to PRS, nobody can dispute it.If PBB wants its own candidate to contest in this by-election ignoring the name of the candidate of PRS`s choice, we call it `bully` tactics.James Masing cannot deny the fact that his party is being bullied by its big brother.

Anonymous said...

Are Masing and PRS being bullied? Or do they sell out PRS souls for money? Is Masing's business deterioting? Does Masing start another family?

Anonymous said...

Hai everybody, a very good morning to Bloogers & Blog readers.

A very interesting piece of intelligence information which I would like to share with you guys.
Is this what you are looking for ?

The formation of “Unity Government” is in the offing. Is this a form of devine intervention ? Ku Li & PR leaders met until the wee hours trying to tie up the loose end. Ku Li would be bringing in 26 UMNO MPs to join Pakatan.
However still short of 6 to form the legitimate Unity Government. The group is sending feelers to meet Mawan & Masing inorder to close the deal.As part of the deal Ku Li will be made PM for three years, until the next GE. Interestingly the Unity Government agree to appoint Dayak as Sarawak CM and Kadazaan as CM of Sabah. If the deal is sealed before 30/3, the Batang Ai by-election become irrelevant. Stay atune for any new development.

Anonymous said...

When Nicholas Bawin, a Sarawak PKR Dayak leader was asked whether he could name any Dayak leader whom he thinks is sincerely looking after the interests of the community in the state, he paused for a moment and declared “None”.

"I dared claims that I am the one , and only one" lamented Bawin.

Gorgeous you believe that? Very soon the residents of Batang Ai will be feeling on cloud 9 after being represented by an Angle.

Jackson Mangan said...

I just want to know: Is there a place called “Sungai Po” really exist in Batang Ai? Check this out:

Tiyung Dayak.

Anonymous said...

Ms Kepayang

I am not so sure of what you re saying. If true then is a very good piece of news for Malaysia. but then........why not you post it in MI or M2D

Anonymous said...

Who is Malcom Moonsoon to the N29? Seldom heard of his concerns for Batang Ai.

A better choice is current DO Nelson Mujah who is known to travel on the ground so much and familiar with the people since his assignment there. Furthermore, he has Jabu Layar's backup and sure can bring development to N29 like Betong division

Anonymous said...

options that we have

1. keep supporting BN like what we what we have done for the past 46y

2. change to PR but the main dilemma, can PR improve our condition to what we deserve? same par with the rest?

3. our own party that can unite whole Sarawakians and be the 3rd force in parlimen. rule Sarawak and become crucial 3rd party in parlimen

from (1) to (2) but if still the same, then what is the point for having changing? change again in the next election? no problem

Anonymous said...

Who do you think Taib will listen to? Jabu or Masing? Jabu is the right hand of Taib as well as from PBB. Masing is a forgone conclusion. Jabu of course has the final say. PRS should just close shop and merge with PBB. History will be repeating itself. When Jabu speaks Masing has his tail between his legs, crawl on all fours and listen. A PBB candidate in Batang Ai is a reality. Masing should call it a day because ibans no longer see him as a leader but instead a blind follower and "yes" man.

ancient edict said...

What does it matter to us who yearned for a change in the system,be it jabu man or masing man,be tne candidate in Batang Ai,either one will be BN candidate,who fully subscribed and implement taib policy.What makes you all think that masing nominee will be sypathatic to the Dayaks issues?Masing himself implements taib draconian policy.Please do not waste our time in speculating who taib candidate in Batang Ai.Have you deposited your RM5-00 to the Maybank account?If not please hurry up as preparation needs money.

Anonymous said...

Good Sunday morning everybody, Bloggers and Blog readers alike.

Not than that I am short of intelligence information but rather there are more urgent and pressing matter which I would like to share with you guys, and that is my DISAPPOINTMENT.

I am disappointed because:

1)At the way Borneo Warrior blog, once a vocal supporter & friend of PKR but now running down PKR like hell (see Sarawakupdate). Blog owner Tedewin is now courting Tiyungdayak and Brokenshield with the hope of enticing them to join BN bandwagon.Note: Apparently A. Ahmad has not done enough to prevent the exodous. Latest informatin revealed that Tedewin has been tasked by Jabu to spearhead BN cyber/media war aginst Pakatan in Batang Ai.

2) All are not well within State PKR.The party leadership are at loggerhead on the choice of election candidate for Batang Ai.Its a bare fact and undeniable truth that the warring faction of Bawin and Jawah has started elbowing each other.At the time of posting Bawin is very much a lone ranger after other leaders like Dominique, Adit, Jawah,Lagong , Munan, Jimmy abondoned him. He is only left with Ibi Uding, Baharuddin or perhaps Micheal Bong.
If the current tussle among the warring faction persit or leave unchecked, you can say goodbye to Batang Ai.

3) The state PKR has not got its priorities right. During the meeting with DSAI and other Pakatan leaders in KL recently surprising none of the attendees aksed what are the role of the Dayak community in the Pakatan led government.Apparently they are not concerned about Dayak interest, serve promotion or group interest seemed to be the order of the day.

4) I have reason to believe that the state PKR is suffering from " the curse of the PBDS Syndrome" which if leave unchecked can be self destructive.

Mupok aku ngiga kampua mee.

Iskandar Zulbryner said...

Only Ibans can bring about a change in the Sarawak government because they make up the largest number of voters. The Ibans outnumber the combined total population of all the other Dayaks.

However, Ibans will not be able to bring about the much needed change - not in Batang Ai and not in the coming state election. So the Dayaks will continue to be subservient to the Taib Mahmud family in the next 40 years.

No, there will be no change to the status quo. Ibans will continue to be divided. Already, in Batang Ai, there is a squabble among Ibans about the choice of PKR candidate.

The BN money machinery will ensure that there is more than enough tuak flowing and more than enough pigs slaughtered to satisfy the longhouse people. That's about quite enough to get the Ibans to vote for the BN candidate.

The Dayak bloggers are here to just "syok sendiri" thinking that they can influence the longhouse people. It's a pathetic attempt. The real work for PKR is organizing at the grassroots level. But even doing so, without a clear vision and shared goals, the grassroots is rooting for the BN.

Most unfortunate of all, there no strong visionary, influential leader of the Ibans. And there is none in the Bidayuh and other communities. In the absence of this, the Ibans and Dayaks will continue to be enslaved in the next 40 years by the Taib Mahmud dynasty.

My suggestion to Ibans is to just support the BN. Otherwise, Ibans will be divided even more.

Jackson Mangan said...

Thanks, Miss Kepayang! Anyway, we - Tedewin, Broken Shield and I - are just casual friends and we do respect each other's beauty, intelligent, intelligence and intelligentsia, lah!

Tiyung Dayak

Anonymous said...

Clearly, we are now seeing more BN bloggers running amok trying to run scare all Ibans that PKR is divided as well as unprepared to help the Ibans. My advice to all readers is that please don't take their words on surface level.

Tell all your friends and relatives. Goodbye and thank you.

Anonymous said...

Apai Semalau

I suggest JJM and PRS close shop and join SUPP, at least JJM can be a vice president. Why I suggest? Because in SUPP he need only learn 2 words "Ya" and "Betul" and use the party symbol of 3 big eggs joint together