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State government: Protector or robber of NCR land?

Source: The Borneo Post, 4 March 2009
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Lubok Antu MP William Nyallau, first time elected representative, thinks that the State government is the protector of NCR land. He says that he wants NCR land to “remain as such so that they can be best protected by the government”.

And he does not want NCR land to be delineated, surveyed and issued titles, despite the Ibans begging for the government to survey their land for the past 45 years.

Maybe Nyallau do not fear or do not know Awang Tengah Ali Hassan, who is the most powerful Second minister of resource planning and management, but tens of thousands of Dayaks who own NCR land do know and are dead scared of Awang Tengah. They even call him Awang TANAH, who says that all untitled lands including NCR land are State land.

“Nyallau speaks through his nose,” said a PRS supreme council member who did not share Nyallau’s proposal.

Nyallau’s reasoning is that if such lands are to be surveyed and given titles, the Ibans will sell their land.

“How many titled lands have been sold off since the 1980s? Check with the Land and Survey department,” he said to The Borneo Post dated 4 March 2009 (see newscutting above).

But what is wrong with selling your land if you need the money to send your children for higher education or for business. Chinese, Malays and others are doing the same thing.

Indeed it is better to sell your land and be paid the price agreeable to both sides, rather than your NCR land being taken away and are sold to big companies for oil palm plantations. This is what happens now. Up to now more than half of 4 million NCR lands have been taken away for the planting oil palm.

Not only the land owners do not receive a cent out of their land, they are being criminalized for defending their land, while others have resorted to take legal actions against the government and companies to claim compensations.

Now coming back to the question: Is the State government protector or robber of State land?

The voters of Batang Ai who will be casting their votes for the by-election on 7 April will be able to answer this question. - The Broken Shield



benTai said...

state government is a fact there are a lot of them are involved in this NCR land issues.
i do hope the Btg Ai voters will not be influenced of be tricked by this shameless statement..

Anonymous said...

Its no big deal for Nyallau to insult the intelligence of the NCR land owner afterall he knows it is his first and last term as an MP.

Anonymous said...

What is disturbing though is the Malaysiakini article in which it headlines,”Beware the PBDS syndrome,Anwar warned”. Ex-MP Harrison Ngau even has this to say about Nicholas Bawin a frontrunner PKR candidate.”

An extract in Malaysiakini article it says“Nicholas Bawin is a very na├»ve man, a colourless character, with an old longhouse brain who doesn’t understand politics. He doesn’t impress, inspire or motivate people.”
This is exactly what I have been conveying and telling PKR supporters whole this while, though in different format, mode or tone....but they won't listen. I don't care , I will continue lobbying to party leadership until the party decided to drop the idea of nominating Bawin as the candidate for Batang Ai.To put it blindly and from the bottom of my heart, Bawin is not the material for competative,robust and modern politic.The Batang Ai seat is for BN to keep should PKR go ahead with thier plan to nominate Bawin.

Anonymous said...

This Lubok Antu MP William Nyallau is either an idiot or playing plain stupidity. Words uttered by this "burung tiong" on the NCR land is an insult to all dayaks. Up to date he is still walking around with blinkers. During this campaign period someone should ask him to look at all the NCR lands robbed by BN for their cronies oil palm plantations around Sri Aman division. By the way, with current world commodity plummeting, who bears the consequence when palm oil prices drop to below cost. Will there be any pittance dividend to be dished out by SALCRA next year? More likely the plantations will be abandoned, fruits left to rot, workers fired and abandoned, to the detriment of the participants.

Anonymous said...

nama utai temu nyalau nya....nyium bxxt t. mahmud baru iya nemu..buta ke apa iya nya?

Anonymous said...

This william palau is telling us to put our money into the hands of robbers. Ha ha, it will be more safe????

The less this palau talks, the less he is being laughed upon. How this guy was elected, and for what? By PBB-Iban standard?

Anonymous said...

May be he has intention that we surrender these lands to SALCRA, FELCRA, SIME DARBY, CITRA and companies, and every family of us get RM265 a year...We got to listen to them, then they will always come to distribute some pieces of atap sing, plywood, anak manok....

Anonymous said...

Good comment, Jang, quite true about this Palau speaking through his nose

Dont get your land surveyed and titled because you will sell them off. Better you have no ownership over them or you just surrender to the gangs of Taib MadMood, Awang Tanah, Jabu Sabun, then you are good loyal ones

Big joke, Palau

Anonymous said...

Hai everybody, a very good afternoon.

The moment of truth is near. PKR has decided on the candidate for Batang Ai, BUT will only announce it on Thursday, 12th March. So please stop lobbying instead focus on how to win the mind and heart of the voters.

Nicholas Bawin had been appointed the Director of Operation /Cordinator but the candidate is..J- - – -. your guessed is as good as mine.!


Anonymous said...

Of late, we have heard NGOs, Associations and even from the government side have agreed in principle to look matters involving government policies over native customary land. Mohd Naroden Majais said, giving titles to all NCL owners would be a massive excercise, meaning he was more or less agreed to the proposal, contrary to Nyalau`s sole idea. Nyalau does not take into consideration the hardships faced by the majority dayaks in their battle over land issue in Sarawak, sadly landed some of them being treated like criminals by the authority while trying to prevent the intrusions into NCL by logging and plantation companies.Some are too poor to engage lawyers to bring the cases to court.

Only if the NCL are delineated, surveyed and issued titles could help the dayaks to get back their lands and to claim the ownerships.NCR lands are those lands which were created by pionering ancestors, including the lands where all the longhouses are built in Sarawak ( inclusive in Lubok Antu where Nyalau lives), otherwise the government may consider the longhouse dwellers are `squatters`.

Aku enggai ninga orang madahka rumah panjai aku `rumah haram` tauka `rumah setinggan`.Biar bekikis bulu betis.

saloi said...

a very intelligent statement by William Nyallau, hope that LA people will woke up then...

jumpover said...

Mimit enda meh aku pecaya ka utai ka disebut nyalau nya. Nama ta baru diatu nyalau nyebut utai nya ,,maya ka deka bepilih tu. Anang ka dikemeli ka nyalau nya . badu kitai dayak ningga ka utai ka disebut sida pengari ari bn. Nya semina janji kosong aja. Enti amai ta sukat aja tanah NCR dayak ba menua swk tu,lalu sebedau bepilih ba BA beri magang gran tanah ngagai kitai di menua swk tu.

Badu kita dikemeli ka jako ka baka nya. Asal aja ka bepilih mayoh aja projek tauka janji2 ka disebut sida, Udah badu ngundi bulu pala sida pen ndai dipeda.

Undi PKR ...meh kitai.

mr nyalau...berengkai ari bepilih BA tu,,kami ngundi PKR . Sory..kami enda meri undi ngagai pengari bn agi.

Anonymous said...

ulih enggau tau diguna enggau dicaya jako BN? enda ibuh dinga laban semua jako BN sama taraf enggau sampah enggau tisu nuci burit

hopefully choose fresh candidate. please no recycle politician as afraid past bandage will be used by BN. remember, najib and taib will use everything to keep in power

Anonymous said...

Orang tua-tua masih support BN, orang muda macam saya tidak.

melihat corrupsi kerajaan sekarang, dulu sungai yang jernih penuh dengan ikan, sekarang kotor dan berlumpur, kelapa sait sampai kep endalaman. tapi orang sana tidak ada hak atas tanah tersebut , mereka diberi amaran untuk pindah atau samada tanam kelapa sawit atau komponi tanam untuk mereka.

Geran tanah yang berpuluh ribu ekar dibawah nama orang yang ada kaitan dengan Taib.

adakah kerajaan sekarang protector kepada tanah nenek moyang kita, atau sebagai perampas secara halus?

Ayat "Protector" memang cantik memukau,.tapi protect hak siapa.? protect kita sebagai pendatang haram di tanah sendiri?