Thursday, March 26

News from Batang Ai (Part 2)

The daily update of news
from Batang Ai by-election

1. Entulu calls on Bawin to join PRS

Deputy president of Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) Joseph Entulu Belaun yesterday called on Nicholas Bawin, Director of Operations of Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) for the Batang Ai by-election to join PRS. “I believe that Bawin is only wasting his time by associating himself with PKR, so it will be good if he can use his potential and join PRS to develop Batang Ai,” said Entulu who is also deputy minister of rural and regional development.

Isn’t this irony? Only now that Entulu knows Bawin has the potential to help develop Batang Ai, when he is with PKR. Such a gesture should have been offered to Bawin when he was jobless and partyless (he was a SNAP man and later joined SPDP) after he was asked to resign on 28 February 2004 as deputy president of Majlis Adat istiadat Sarawak.

He was asked to resign after he campaigned for Jawah Gerang, then Barisan/PBDS candidate for Lubok Antu against William Nyallau Badak, the independent. Jawah’s candidacy was endorsed by the Prime Minister as head of the Barisan Nasional, while Nyallau’s candidacy was supported and arranged by the State BN leadership principally Abdul Taib Mahmud and Alfred Jabu anak Numpang.

All state civil servants and leaders of government agencies including Bawin were directed to campaign for Nyallau as he was the “true” Barisan candidate. Jawah was then known as Barisan “Palsu” (false). As Bawin failed to obey the directive, he was asked to resign. Furthermore, Bawin was an expert witness on NCR land court cases. As a result of Bawin’s testimony, the government has lost many cases. Bawin is therefore a thorn in the flesh for the State BN. During this time no one from PRS and SPDP dared to be seen in Bawin’s company as they feared Taib and Jabu might see them.

There are also rumours floating around that the State BN is trying to offer Bawin RM2 million to defect. Is Entulu sincere in inviting Bawin to join PRS? Or is he merely poking fun at him?

2. The rating is 50:50

With the names of the candidates representing each party are now known, political observers are busy making predictions. It depends on who you are talking to. If you talk to Mussen’s supporters, they will say Mussen will win. Likewise, if you talk to Jawah’s supporters, Jawah will win. But I say the two are having a tough fight. The rating is about 50:50 for the time being.

3. Oldest voters

It has been discovered in the latest electoral roll there are about 26 voters whose ages are ranging from 90 to 111 years old. Election watchdog Malaysians for Free and Fair Election (MAFREL) is sending its team to track them at Kutai Polling district. If they have died, then their names must be struck from the roll. What MAFREL and the Opposition fear is that the “deads” may be asked to cast their votes on 7 April as it happened many a time in West Malaysia.

4. Mussen’s posters done by PBB

According to The Borneo Post today (25 March) all posters for Malcolm Mussen have been prepared by PBB members at their headquarters at Jalan Bako. Since Mussen is a PRS-nominated candidate, we would have thought that all his posters and campaign strategies be handled by PRS director of operations, who is James Masing himself. It seems that Jabu has a greater say. So what does all this suggest?

5. PKR not serious in Batang Ai by-election?

PRS campaigners have been telling voters of Batang Ai that PKR is not serious in the Batang Ai by-election as they are more interested to see victories in Bukit Selambau and Bukit Gantang by-elections. If PKR is not serious, why is it that Anwar Ibrahim is making a number of visits to Lubok Antu? We are told that some 2,000 campaign workers from DAP, PAS, PKR and SNAP will be going to Lubok Antu and visit each and every one of the 156 longhouses.
During nomination day on 29 March, Selangor menteri besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim will accompany Jawah to the nomination centre. He will be spending a night in a longhouse? Have you ever heard of our chief minister “yang kita sayangi” spending a night in an Iban longhouse since he became Chief Minister on 26 March 1981?

6. RM500 for each household

We have also received information that BN will give each family RM500 during the by-election. Imagine how much it costs the BN? Let say out of 156 longhouses, the average number of doors is 25, it will mean 25x156xRM500 equals RM1.9 million. Where does this money come from? Is it from the people’s money?

More to come…stay tune to


Anonymous said...

First of all, Entulu is a fool...A fool of shit...spewing the nonsense he is fed. If Bawin was the candidate, then the same offer will be advertised to Jawah. It shows the Barisan is scared of Jawah. Its because if you know the Dayaks and their voting pattern then you know its all about the candidate and less bout the party they represent.

And Jawah being a 5 term YB is no easy feat. And what about this Mussen....I hear the word is that he is very typical civil servant type candidate...very quiet...don't dare to say anything without prior approval from bosses even though its to answer simple questions such as his chances of winning and such....everyone else is speaking on behalf of him esp the ANAK NUMPANG...who cannot differentiate between Customary Rights and Adat Iban... so say some longhouse ppl who had to suffer thru his speech.

It will be a close fight...don't get me wrong but its mainly due to the BN machinery and them spending the rakyat's money like its their own salary.

On another note...if romours are to be believed that Bawin will be offered RM2,000,000.00 to hop...then he should record it and send to the MACC

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the updates. May I suggest that you link up with a few bloggers for daily updates from different locations. The heat is on and we'll to get a feel of the pulse on the ground. Maybe get some opposing views too. Keep up the good work.

NEIL said...

BN is famous for stealing opposition and they still think by offering them money openly will tempted them.Some may fall for these dirty tactics but this dirty tactics will only incur hatred of the rakyat.To steal like this show s that BN is using tax payer's money to show off their might.There will be backlash if this is allow to happen.
Nicholas must be strong and faithful to PKR.Even though he is not chosen to stand ,he must work with PKR and there will be more opportunities along the way.We all know God works in misterious ways and HE always create opportunities when HE see fit.
Latest report from reliable sources says that PKR chances are getting much better day by day.This is the result of mouth to mouth spreading of the corrupt habits of BN.
Giving out handouts of a few million is only a gimmick to attract votes but the dayaks have been told to take whatever BN gives becos this is their own money.Take this money and vote PKR.
PKR must work harder to achieve a landslide.With conditions ripe for a landslide,PKR must not rest.BN greed for power in Perak added another blow to their determination to seize Batang Ai.Video scene of the dirty side of Perak have been shown in most longhouses and explanation have been given to resident of how this corrupted gov't is desperated for power.Many just shake their head in disapproval.All this have enlighten the dayaks who have never seen what this corrupted gov't does.The bluffing of BN MPs and YBs have to end and this is the way to counter their lies.
To all voters of Batang Ai,this opportunity have come and your wise decision to vote PKR will reap good future.Never waiver in your believe for truth.
VOTE PKR,yes, we can!

Anonymous said...

The majority of the silent supporters are already with PKR.This will be a landslide for PKR.

Anonymous said...

Joe Entulu is offering a Fake olive branch which is made in Taiwan.

Anonymous said...

All dayaks who are determine to see change in Batang Ai must play their part in helping PKR to win.This opportunity must not be allow to slip by.The ground work for victory have been laid and now all the Batang Ai voters have to do is to vote for PKR.
All the dayaks must be shown how BN have been a big bully in Perak.If the dayaks in Batang Ai don't wake up, they will fall prey to this big bully again as they have been for the last 45 years.

Vote for PKR.Yes we can!

Jackson Mangan said...

Good job done, A’ya! At least the latest news update presented in here “can be bought”, lah…

Well, I don’t buy DBA’s (or “someone else” associated with her/him) news update on “why, etc. …”, because I knew that s/he just want to create “havoc” in blogosphere!

Talking about this Enturun… What kind of wild animal is that?! A kind of "musang agom" kah?


Anonymous said...

Masing is stooping so low that he came out with a newspaper cutting about Jawah's interview with the BP. Endang nadai modal nuan, keh. How about you heading the Projek Ketua Menteri Sarawak ngelaban Taib Mahmud suba? Now what happen? You are the biggest political chamelon. So, anang lah mantah Jawah laban ke masuk parti PKR, ukai PRS.

Anonymous said...

As by-election in Batang Ai is around the corner, the invitation to Bawin to join PRS by Joseph Entulu is not sincere, but has a bad motive.It is a part of PRS`s political strategy of splitting supporters of PKR in Batang Ai. Bawin is matured enough in politics and will not easily succumbed to PRS`s trap.

For what purpose Joseph Entulu invites his political rivals to his fold, when his own men in PRS are divided into two factions, some even have left the party and joined PKR.

If I were him, I would rather unite the party members in PRS and make the ` house ` more comfortable for them to stay.

Anonymous said...

Entulu, a stupid and talk-big guy. A good place and safe haven for him is PRS under the wings of J.J.Machine

If Entulu should resign and join PKR, PKR will also need this rug. Read through 5 years record, what has this rug speak in meeting, merely smiling stupidly, drink coffee and dreaming. Suggest he get "c" and join PAS for a good cleansing and reformed

Anonymous said...

Many thanks to the Barisan Bloggers who have contributed immensely to Batang Ai.Your contributions will be remembered and appreciated.

Anonymous said...

please tell me someone is distributing a copy of the Al jazeera interview with Dr J to all the headmen and people who make the decisions in Batang Ai, if we dont see people with T-shirts on saying 'i have no regrets' and 'i am an Aly of the CM' then PKR deserve to lose this election!

that interview was gold dust for PKR USE IT!!

also has anyone contacted Al Jazeera to cover the election? to interview people about corruption in the election? to watch how impartial it is?!

those decision makers keep us posted without giving too much away unless the BN block your plans

Anonymous said...

Oh please, can someone tell Jabu he is taking up valuable newspaper space with his riducolous ball carrying article in the BP.

If u need to praise Taib, just send him an email...1MB worth for all I care. prob the only good thing Taib has done which I credit him is the fact that he kept UMNO out. The rest...pls la...

Spoil my lunch only...

Anonymous said...

It was due to this by-election that "Projects' seems to surface from the BN's lips; All these while nothing's been said. So NJ was right.. instant Noodles projects?
Amount in millions/billions can just be put up.. real $$ siapa tau ada ka tidak??
The fight to retain our NCR land is worth more than those projects offered as these will land to be done by their own cronies' companies anyway...So where does that leaves you n me?
Looking forward to opposition win this time..

e.g. In Miri.. good roads, main highways.. still in V. good condition are being 'scrapped' and resurfaced... WHY? There are many other roads in need of real repairs or resurfacing..
So BN How sincere are they in handling projects and worst people's money??

Anonymous said...

Mak oi, hujan emas et Batang Ai!!

Voters, ambil jangan tak ambil. Itu duit rakyat.

Minta banyak banyak lagi. This is the time to get what is owed to you. Tapi jangan lupa undi PKR.
Itu BN @ Taib, tak bole pakai. He's milk Sarawak dry.

Anonymous said...

If PRS is so strong as claimed by BN hotshots, why the offer to Bawin to join PRS? BN running scared or what?

BN governs Sarawak now. If BN were to lose the next state election, PKR would be in government, and would continue the development of the state better that BN could ever do.

Send a message to Uban by voting Jawah and letting him win for PKR

Anonymous said...

Dear Neil,

Thanks alot ,, Neil for his daily comments and if he is a dayak,he deserve to be our leader one day.I like his mild and thoughtful comments.His regular comments are indeed making this broken shield more interesting.Keep coming,Neil.


Anonymous said...

Dear Jetty,

With regard to the RM500 (and other stuff including instant noodles) promised by BN to each household in Batang Ai, please inform all concerned to get cameras ready and to take videos/photograohs of all such activity for use in court subsequently if Bn should win.

Al Tugauw
Sarawak Headhunter

Anonymous said...

Dear All,

Much had been and would be said about Batang Ai by-election for and gainst both PKR as well as BN.

There are already white cloud of hopes accumulated outside BN as well as signs of "bluu-hopes" within BN in wanting to see political changes for the better with PKR.......In as much as it may not be believeable, close observations or analysis on trends of certain under-current development seem to suggest that PKR Sarawak might have been misled ........

The consolation to the effect that the above view is totally wrong will be put to rest when BN is defeated.

When BN win,somebody is making his fact bucks. It is a testimony that Dayaks/Ibans have not learned ....and will never learned ... but truly "TURUN APAI SALOI" by "APAI SALI"

To voters of Batang Ai, the decision rest on you all to be truly turun APAI SALOI get cheated by "APAI SALI" & "APAI SEUMANG-UMANG".


Anonymous said...

ahmadneil said...
The majority of the silent supporters are already with PKR.This will be a landslide for PKR.
March 26, 2009 9:25 AM

Inshyallah !!