Thursday, March 19

Do having degrees make a person better YB?

Does having a good educational qualification make you a better Yang Berhormat (YB)?

Deputy Chief Minister and deputy president of Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) Alfred Jabu Anak Numpang (pic above) thinks so. So are many of us.

Introducing the Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate Malcolm Mussen Lamoh to the Batang Ai voters, Jabu said Mussen was a highly qualified engineer who had 25 years of experience with the civil service.

If BN could win the by-election, given Mussen’s qualification and working experience, he would be in a position to bring more development to Batang Ai, said Jabu.

Except for one or two Iban YBs who do not possess degree or diploma qualifications, the majority of them have. Now look at the constituencies that have been represented by them. Any dramatic development?

Even Jabu himself being a graduate in agriculture, why is there not much change in our agricultural development? We are still practicing subsistence farming and planting padi. Instead, Jabu wants to use his knowledge to plant ‘kepayang’, to distribute fish fry, vegetable seeds and ‘anak manoks’ and to can rambutans.

As Pro. Jayum Empaling said: “If that is all the Iban politicians have been doing and can do thus far for their constituents, then even an illiterate Iban person would have made a fine State assemblyman or parliamentarian because it does not take much to know how to distribute the annual grant allocations among the electoral constituents.”

What the Iban politicians should do is to find out the needs of the people and come up with a master plan to develop their own respective constituencies.

Discuss the plan with some experts, for example, with the Sarawak Dayak Graduates Association (SDGA) and present it to the State Planning Unit (SPU) or the Federal Economic Planning Unit (EPU) as the case may be for consideration.

What are required of our YBs are their dedication, commitment and sacrifice to help their constituents.

It is sad to see that some of the Iban politicians are only looking after their ‘periok nasi’ (pots of rice) and “takut” (scared) to fight for the rights of the people they suppose to represent.(Semua takut ke CM).

Now if our YBs are “takut” type and continue to practice the “traditional” attitudes of BN politicians, then is it worth voting for them? Think about it the voters of Batang Ai! - The Broken Shield



Anonymous said...

Degrees are only signs of literacy . Many persons with few degrees are not educated. Many of us who are not literate are conditioned to be cowards so that we do not demand for our fair share of the promised lands.

Anonymous said...

Jabu is minitry of argricuture? what is the contribution of him for modernize sarawak agricuture?why lot people are still poor, less educated, with most of sarawak gradute find no job at his mother land? have to work somewhere else far away from mother land?

anyway i personality repect him as our second man in the state.

if no Jabu, will be no Bahagian Betong. and reapect he as a yes man under PBB and under Taib family.

Anonymous said...

much as I wish to pay respect to the persons who made Betong a Bahagian my resentment of being regimented in plantations with low wages nullify thse intents. I personally feel that if theses lands are really our to enjoy and use we should be the landlord as opposed to being coolies in these estates. Give us jobs hat pay Rm20/day yes but if we were to work 30 days a month = 600. Is it not still below poverty line? Are we planning to condemn our people into poverty.

Jackson Mangan said...

I put my doubt on it, too!

What happened to Taiwan’s visit last year by the BN MPs?

Have we heard of positive improvement on agricultural sector in Malaysia, despite of million (?) of Ringgits have been spent over there?

Well, we have heard that another MP with a doctorate degree in agribusiness is doing quite well in spending the R&D allocation on other, ye-olde agricultural and business technology!

Mathematically correct, yeah!

Anonymous said...

You do not need a degree to be a good politician, because what you need to implement your dreams are all provided for in our government system. Dedication, fruitful thinking and frequent visits to your rakyat do make you a good YB.
One degree that perhaps makes you a good YB is Bachelor of Taibism.

NEIL said...

Education do help in the making of a better YB.No doubt about that but first of all this YB must have a good heart and humble.He must process these qualities and then a good education is a plus.Many educated YBs are just too ignorant and proud.They just think that they are the people's god and that is why they spent their time lazing around and do nothing but help the gov't to bluff his people.Many are just waiting for chances to steal from the rakyat and involve in immoral activities.
Look at our high ranking umno officials who knows only about sealing and corruption.Look at the umno election where corruption is the word of the day.
I think it's high time that our YBs and MPs follow what our singapore counterparts are doing,behave.

stingray said...

The mindset must be in the correct path and YBs must do their noble job of helping the people by acting as a agent for his people.
Educated YBs of course makes a better choice .But most of our YBs are a greedy lot.They are only interested in stealing,robbing and telling lies.They indulge in unhealthy activities and couldn't care about his people.
I bet if you throw a stone in a crowd of YBs,you are bound to hit a corrupted YB.Just do a survey yourself and see how many are super rich YBs.If we are allow to write all the names of those corrupted YBs,I think this blog will be full.
The most corrupted are those who are more educated becos they knows how to steal and when to steal.

bongkersz said...

Having degree can be an added advantage for a YB. That's the simplest way to gauge the level of literacy/education of a person. In general, an educated person is supposed to be more capable especially when it comes using the brain department, as compared to those less educated ones. Having better education also means better access and comprehension to many information available.

As long as the person put all this in good use, we shall have nothing of such discussion whether having degree(s) make a person a better YB or not. It's only when you have educated people for example the infamous son-in-law, a graduate from Oxford but behaving like hooligan, instigating fanatics to cause harm, making insidious, irresponsible statements, throwing support to a bunch of criminals, we have this question, today.

That said, having a degree does not reflect on the level of 'awareness' or 'intelligence' of a person. More so when degrees nowadays are so easy to get. Some Sarawakian politicians even have PHDs! REAL one, if you must believe. *chuckles*

Well, we can have a person with a degree but still a lot lacking in the brain department leading to embarassing moments like our premier's inteview with CNN, Zam the Goblok 'This is no Myammar'.

To quote a commentator on my blog when I posted an entry - "Pak Lah is the epitome of stupidity, inability and indignity" (

"stupid or not, he made it as PM of Malaysia. You?"

Do you think that's funny? Laugh with me then. Har Har Har!

What is necessary, as a politician.. you must have the brain and MORE IMPORTANT you must have HEART. With good heart, come conscience. Ah so cliche!

Anonymous said...

Dear all,

Glad to hear that Johny Chuat will offer himself to the rakyat in LA.

Manah amantnya...kami SDGA nyukong iya

Anonymous said...

Please give some credit to Ayah Jabu. He left the batang ai hydro dam teeming with fish having tiny winy brains call "Ikan Jabu". Like Jabu these fish, educated or not will crowd round and take hook, line and sinker without second thoughts. They eat anything that you throw at them, no question ask. Many of our YBs are duplicates of these ikan Jabu. They are blind followers and gutless when there is money in the making. They can't careless for their community and are always too willing to please their BN bosses.

Anonymous said...

aku nda milih yb bisi graduate tauka enda.
aku milih yb ka jujur, ikhlas ka nulong rakyat, ukai ba kawasan (constituency) ya aja tang nyengkaum semua rakyat....
what the heck with your proud degrees if you are corrupt, arrogant and yes man yb!!

Anonymous said...

Nya amai pungggal bakani ke peninggi sekula bc phd tang selalu mikir ke diri nadai meh guna but if u are primary 6 but always think of rakyat bakani deka ngadu ke pemansang nya meh orang ke patut tau nyadi pengari.Aku arap ke semoa bala nembiak ba lubuk antu berunding meh....enough is enough jauh udah kitai tingggal ari orang bukai.

Anonymous said...

Obviously wasted his time studying for it..a case of monkey in a suit!

Confirmed by the crap that comes out of his face hole! I don't know whether he did go to school or not...if not, then, that explains it!

Anonymous said...

Dear Joseph,

I would like to share my views with others.

Excellent in an academic back ground alone is insufficient in choosing on the quality of any candidate of wanting to become a politician, let alone he is no integrity or honesty, tainted by corruption or other scandals, mislead and cheating the people.

The party leaders should be more circumspect to choose the right candidate to represent their party to contest in any election. Couples with standard educational back ground, not necessary possesses degree, a candidate must be effective in carrying out his duties and responsibilities as an elected representative, respected and well liked by all races, has deep understanding and interest in community affair. However, he must not in due course become a `Yes Man`. He must have the courage to stick his neck out and approach his `boss` to express his considered views to fight for the interest of the people, especially his constituents.

Anonymous said...

my feeling is Johnny Chuat is going fishing for selfish end....wait and see.

oh by the way we have sjc yb and he is going no where - he always come back fishing/hunting with nothing for his ppl except for himself. and yet u still say its ok to hv non graduate yb. he will be good like a school boy but trampled like a rose. if u send a non graduate yb to kl who will listen to him?

Anonymous said...

Hai everybody,a very good afternoon.

Weather is pretty good but the news I am about to share with you is not so good, not very encouraging indeed.

PKR candidate to-be N. Bawin has more or less threw the towel. Why? The fund amounting to RM30k given to him a week ago by PKR is drying-up.PKR Hq Kl said thats about all. A checked with Piee Ling maybank account show a credit balance as at to day as RM250.00.
“RM5 Batang by-election fund” initiated by dayakbaru received not so good a response.

This morning Bawin and his wife were having breakfast with Ting Ling Kiew who promised to finance him unfortunately on condition that Bawin contest on SNAP ticket.At time of posting negotiation is still on.

PKR is now leaving it to Datuk S’ng to look for winnable candidate for Batang Ai and as expected he chose Jawah Gerang.The annoucement is to be made by DSAI at Jawah’s longhouse this Sunday. S’ng told DSAI that this be-election is as important to him as to PKR.S’ng,knowing him, managed to convience PKR that the battle royale for Batang Ai is between him and Masing,while in West Malaysia its between Anwar and Najib. S’ng see the window of opportunity as an opening to settle old score against Masing.
With S’ng taking over as General for PKR in Batang Ai, BN appear not too comfortable, regardless this Datuk
is capable of making the different as proven in the past election. With that PKR choice of candidate is done with.

Unknown said...

Degree or no degree is not the matter but it is the heart for the rakyat who has casted their votes and put their trust and hope in that particular YB.
Look at YB Joseph Mauh Ikek, does he has any degree? Just an ex-guru besar, maybe an MCE holder. Does he care for his rakyat? Uh, uh...!Is his constituency well developed? No way man...! He could talked but could not delivered. Another puppet on the string...!
It is very easy to find the real YB with 'jiwa untuk rakyat', just listen to that wanna-be YB during campaining at rumah panjai. His heart and soul is as if for the rakyat, sweet talks here and there, janji sana janji sini, projek sana projek sini. Even to the extend, that wanna be YB would bring a sick 'ukoi kaka' to the klinik kesihatan for treatment.
After election and won, the wanna be YB become full-fledged YB, 'enda peda lubang idung'.
Like the man in his song, 'kaban makai kaban, nama kita enggai bekaban enggau kami, nama gamal kami jai.'

Anonymous said...

Whilst a degree is important, it is not the passport to a YB's life.
There are people who did not have the opportunity to be schooled or reach University level, but their intellectual and people's skill are far above those with degrees.

The most important aspect of a politician is to be principled , rational and not subservient to any person and have the people's interest at heart instead of using the position to fill his pockets.

Unfortunately, in these Malaysian style politics , a lot of ADUN's and YB's tend to either be a coward and not speaking what is right and good for the community but instead tow the party line or covertly becoming a Trojan horse to be used at the appropriate time.

In this respect, the whole community's interest and welfare in which the ADUN / YB represent
is relegated to the big bully of the party.

Anonymous said...

i know its off topic but please tell me SOMEONE recorded the 101 east on Al Jazeera!
its PKR gold dust!! get it out there to show the local people in Batang Ai, show them who they want to re-elect!!

Anonymous said...

ah yes, i was watching aljazera news last nite.

"are u the crony of taib"? arrogantly our minister replied "yes".

woh rasa nak aku tembak jak tv aku semalam. what a ball polishing admitting readily and proudly.

building 12 dams at this time of recession is an astuate move..also not an enviromental downturn.

telling the whole world how on earth did u get ur PHD ?

aduh, you are going to give the impression to the whole world which school of thought y r from ? u r giving the impression the iban r fool.

U r a PHD ukai orang rumai panjai di ulu, so present urself intelligently la!

Anonymous said...

I think its not wrong for the Ibans to think that they should have a fair share of what they deserved in as far as the state economic cake is concerned. But I think its not correct for them to think that they can achieve what they desire on their own given the social and racial fabric of our society. Any racial group has to work hand in hand with other racial groups. Much of the world's problem came about because people failed to recognise and appreciate differences between people of different cultural, racial and religious backgrounds. We just hope the Ibans are able to listen to their hearts and act with their mind.

Anonymous said...

degree(sijil) = good yb?

how about enti pemandai enda di kena kena ngadu ka bala raban dayak? pemandai di kena kena maka raban diri empu

anang ngarap ka laut, cina, pbb, bn,pkr,dap nulung raban dayak enti ukai dayak empu

bansa bukai gaga meh meda raban dayak enda mansang. anak anjung ngagai skul cina,why? embi nemu jaku cina. nyamai bekuli enggau cina. keni mentaliti tu tau nyadi? nadai semangat ka lebih ari urang bukai

skul ba malaya, begulai enggau laut terus selam. udah selam, enda nyeebut diri dayak agi. udah nyadi laut. terus nyadi laut. dayak ka pandai udah nyadi laut. alu enda ingat enggau nulung raban diri empu. keni tau nyadi?

Anonymous said...


keni ka maju enti nadai basic ammenities?

Anonymous said...

Willaim Mawan Anak Ikom- hat degree?

Peter Nyarok Anak Entrie - What degree?

William Nyallau Anak badak - What Degree ?

Joseph Mauh Anak Ikeh -What degree?

Frederick Bayoi Manggie -What Degree?
Larry Sng - What degree? Cj=heck with LSE if he really has one.

Snowdown Lawan -What degree ? Ausrtalian High School degree.

John Singkie Anak Tayai - What Degree ?

Nelson Balang Anak Raining - What degree?

Robert Lau -What degree?

Tiong Kim Seng -What degree ?

Johnical Rayong -What degree? MA but that trained Medical Assistant

James Jemot Masing has PhD

Anonymous said...

maioh agi degree maioh agi phd, balat agi nipu rakyat. Just because the rakyat trust them knowing them to know more things, but the more they know, the more they menipu, dilah maioh agi cabang ari dilah ular.
Yesterday they said this, today they said that, bakanya lah berpusing-pusing baka untak sida empu. aritu ngumbai orang turncoat, kemari ai empu turncoat. suba munyi ko sida ngumbai taib jai, diatu madah ia pangan taib(ally)and readily accepting it, akai punggal mati kitai iban enti semua bakanya.
As a non degree holder, i still think taking away people's property(dispossession) is wrong. I have the heart saying taking away people's property is wrong, and it is a sin according to my religion. But, degree people says it is not wrong, because it bring development to the people whose property is taken away. What sort of development can it creates when you are deprived of it? Segi enda masuk akal ba aku ke nadai pemandai baka unggal aku Masing seduai Jabu.
Uji kitai nanya sida ke udah diambi tanah nya, nama pemansang ke udah diasai ke sida udah tanah sida diambi? Aram Masing enggau JAbu sama sama kitai nanya sida ia, ka seduai? Enti ka, ila aku reveal myself so that we can find out form the horses mouth themselves.
Anang kelau meh ka munoh bangsa diri. Aku nanya seduai, How long can your wealth last compare to the curse you received? Can you guarantee the next formation in BN or whatever party that rule next time, your wealth is going to be left untouched? Look at Marcos,Suharto, and Thanasin, what happen to them. Yes, some live longer life but you ask them how do they live their life daily?
You are given the brain, use it for the benefit of yourself as well as your fellow beings. I mean help people having less brain but not cheating them.
Ini tidak, belum habis 4 year term, sudah jadi jutawan. How? Nuan jadi YB, nuan ngaga business ka? What sort of business that manage to reap in a short period of time millions of ringgit?
Ari gaji? Berapa gaji nuan jadi YB?
Ah, I know businesses that can reap good harvest in a short period of time! You want to know?
Nyadi bapa ayam, nyual dadah, jadi mafia, jadi towkay judi, nipu orang, ah nya baru jampat kitai kaya, tang berapa iko kitai berani ngereja pengawanya deh? Sapa ke berani, kaya meh ia.
Tang semua pengawa di atas tadi, semuanya ngenusah orang bukai, betul enda. Nya aja jako aku ke diatu ngagi kitai maioh. Sebedua aku ngangkat ka jari aku nekan tu, aram meh sama sama kitai berunding panjai pengidup kitai, pilih meh pengari ke tau mai ubah pemangsang ngagai pengidup kitai, rebahkan orang ke enda manah, IDUP JAWAH, IDUP PKR, IDUP DAYAKS!