Tuesday, March 17

Where are the “Rentaps” of Batang Ai?

This afternoon (17 Mar '09) I was listening to a story about Rentap Libau over RTM (Iban) by Datuk Edmund Langgu Ak Saga. According to Langgu, Rentap Libau fought the Rajah Brooke and his men because they cheated the Ibans of Batang Ai, Batang Lemanak and Batang Engkari and robbed them of their rights. First the Brooke wanted to build a fort at Batang Ai and had signed agreement with the Iban leaders in those areas.

Later without telling them, the Brooke moved to Nanga Skrang where the Brooke built a fort. Rentap Libau and the Ibans felt cheated and so they declared war on the Brooke. They defended their rights against the Rajah and his men.

Incidentally, the people of Batang Ai will have a by-election on 7 April. For the past 45 years, they have been deprived of rights to development. Worse still, the government reneged on its promises when the hydro-electric dam was built in 1982.

It seems that after 27 years the people from 400 households from 20 longhouses who were resettled because of the dam continue to remain neglected. Most of the promises were never implemented satisfactorily, if at all, especially on the following:-

#1. Land titles to their lots have not been given. This is a terrible injustice to them.

#2. Farming land. Since the inception of the dam, families or households have grown in numbers. Yet the government, despite of assurance of more land for these families, have failed to deliver on their families.

#3. Poverty alleviation. There are no poverty alleviation projects in Batang Ai that deserves the name. Minor rural projects are simply not good enough.

#4. Medical facilities. The 22,000 people of Batang Ai need more schools and medical facilities like a hospital.

#5. Many households have no electricity despite the dam at their door-step and fresh water supply.

#6. Many of the roads are “lobang” here and “lobang” there.

In the coming by-election, the Batang Ai is looking for “Rentap Libaus” to defend the rights especially the NCR land. Are you one of them? – The Broken Shield

Source: www.thebrokenshield.blogspot.com


Anonymous said...

Where are they? BDC kedai kupi A1? Maoih sidak diak tin kusung..especially Cobbold & Beginda...very opportunist...Cobbold empu nipu duit bisnis partner iya(anak buah iya empu)...while Beginda jako kerah2..Beginda tuk meh spy Taib/Sng/Masing dalam PKR...jimat2 kitak...don't ever trust him or talk any confidential things abt PKR to him..he's spy...to Cobbold, enda ibuh ka nyadi opportunist..ukai ka nulong bansa dayak..tang ka makai bansa diri empu...PKR anang milih salah org maya bekempen enggai ka ngemalu ka PKR empu...Change We Can..vote PR

Anonymous said...


they have twenty something years to prove their sincerity but nothing showing and so what is the chances of that happening?


bn is a proven liar.

they only make empty promises to expense "mental pleasures" or simply fooling the dayaks.

they only care to fill their own pockets.

hope dayaks fate will NOT go down the same roads as those native in west M.


Anonymous said...

"Rentaps" of Batang Ai had gone forever. One of the spiirits found its way reborn as young Rentap Anak .... The father's siprit is already roamng about in Batang Ai now distributing packages of maggie mee.

Anonymous said...

The PKR candidate for Batang Ai by-election is our genuine `Rentap`...any other `Rentap` is bogus.

stingray said...

To all the dayaks of Batang Ai who have been crying out for justice,beating their chest for fairness and waving their spears and parangs for equality, Batang Ai is the answer.Let see the best of the dayaks.The world is watching.

NEIL said...

Batang Ai will be another Rentap reborn.Dig the roots of BN tree out and plant a new PR tree which will bear more fruits.Vote PKR!

Anonymous said...

Sadly, there are no more warriors like Rentaps. They have been replaced by politicians the likes of Jabu, Masing, Moggie, whose dream is not to free the Dayaks from slavery but to make themselves filthy rich even if their own people have to suffer by their greed.

Anonymous said...

Oh Rentap Libau. Please answer our call to defeat the cheaters, the robbers of our land. We need guidance, especially on our fingers, to ngayau BN heads by using 'x'.

Anonymous said...

At this moment in time, each and everyone of us have a rentap libau in us. If not, you might as well not be am iban/dayak. We are proud of our hero Rentap. He stood in defiance against the orang putih for the sake of what he believes in. He stood his ground, resolved to protect his lands from the selfish land grabbing foreigners. History should not be left to repeat itself! Currently we have another form of land grabbing that enriches a few at the expense of all dayaks. Like Rentap, we need to steadfastly stood our ground and halt any further plundering of our NCR land which our forefathers have left for us and our future generations. This land is our livelihood!

Anonymous said...

Ni bc Rentap Libau agi alah laban Agong ngau Panadol (projek Kilat) maia bepilih

Anonymous said...

Why are we looking for 'Rentaps'? Rentaps spirit is a bad spirit of disunity among the Iban.

We don't need 'rentaps' spirit anymore. Rentap is dead, no more. Time change and people change, too.

The present young generation doesn't even know who 'rentap' is. The only Rentap ak ____ that most people know is kaki xxx and NCR land grabber, too.

Why so suddently the gov't is talking about development in rural especially in Lubok Antu? What has the late Dublin been doing to develope his own constituency? NOTHING..!

What has that Nyallau done to his own area? NOTHING! He could only talk and talk only but not delivered.

It is better still if all our present YBs mati, then we will have more development projects in rural areas. More by-election and more rural developments.

Anonymous said...

Hello Friend bloggers,

The Rentap Libau was described as Iban warrior during the Brooke era was suddenly unpopular after he married a younger woman when he divorced his 1st wife.

His supporters were running away from him, which left him with few rebels to fight. They became an easy prey of the Brooke soldiers.

It is stated in the Iban marriage contract law, once the Iban man married, he is not suppose to have affair with other women. that is why we "butang rangkai"(close proximity with other women) and "butang basah" (adultery).

But today is altogether different scenario, the "rich and famous" Ibans are entangled with a lot problems because their illicit relationship with other women.

Are they showing good example to general Iban people? Of course not welcome.

Mr Osmond Langui, who told us the story of Rentap in Iban radio station lately, was once regarded as the rentap of modern Iban, but suddenly submerged in the deep sea, after he and his gang JJM brought P+B+D+S into the iron clamp of the 'white hair man', the BN Champion.

The state land along the Serian-Kuching road at Mile 29 were leased to them at free of charge.

Other ordinary Iban like me have to work 18 hours in Singapore to earn the money to buy NCR land in that area.

Unlikewise, they are people like Nic Bowen, John Wah or Monsoon Drain may regarded hero, but not as high as Rentap yet, unless they can prove themselves this coming by election, may they get the tip of the nail (ujung kukut) title of Rentap. Or possibly the title Rentap is already transformed into the monarch of jaboo where his heir to the throne automatic get the name Rentap.

Anonymous said...

Going by various responeses expressed in Iban-owned blogs, PKR already won Batang Ai by-election in the cyberspace even before nomnation.

The result of the real by-election to come is not going to be determined by what were and being written in those blogs.BN is least worry about the effect. Bloggers can be described with JAKU INDIR Iban : " Ngingkak lelenggak ikan enda ngaban. Kudi memuri hari enda ujan". For one reason, longhouse and rural folks do not have internet connection. Even if there are some connected, how many do have PCs to read blogs.

Whether all the concerned bloggers go to Batang Ai from now on ntl electio is over is something to look forward. But many
will be like " Semina nyadi remaung dalam rumah, tang nyadi reraung rauh-rauh di tanah".

BN and Taib especially will ensure that BN will win at all cost. In his crafty style, Taib will get Sng to gamble and "kacau-daun" by planting independent if Sng's PKR-nominee Jawah Gerang failed to get nominated. Sng must entrench his son's position in BN. He has much more to lose if BN lose than if PKR win.

There is a real fear for BN that Batang AI is going to be Batang Anuar Ibrahim MEANING that Batang Ai will be Annuar Ibrahim's political base to launch all out political offensive here onward until after the state general Sarawak.

PKR still provides Sarawakians with the best option to unseat BN.


Anonymous said...

Dear Anderson Tamparuli,

I share your experience for having to work in oversea to earn a living. Scenario of working oversea is applicable to many communities, not only restricted one particular community. If there is a stastitic, I strongly believe averagely every household in Sarawak, at least there is family member is working outside Sarawak. Who wants to sacrify being away from family other than running of options.
It is a shame, being the biggest the state in the country but not able to provide job opportunity.
Hence you, me & all Sarawakian are responsible to make it right.

Concerned citizen

Anonymous said...

Read the BP's front page, people and wake up.Put the arrogant politicians in their places.Show them that you have minds of your own and eyes that see the truth.Please,for the love of your country and your children.Show the doubters and those that sneer at us Sarawakians that Batang Ai people are politically ALIVE !
Blessings on you.


Anonymous said...

Afraid Jabu as an agriculturist,once a Minister of Agriculture, now a DCM and Minister of Rural Developments in the past 27 blessed years could have been the one and only man who has all the jusrisdictions to be able make the difference to the lives of all the rural Dayaks who remained poor farmers while he has become a filthy rich plantation owner.

Even his nephew, Robert Lawson Chuat, a "deaf and dumb" state assemblyman representing Bukit Sabang, who hears nothing and speak nothing in the state assembly has become a rich plantation owner and so are the rest of the in-sincere Dayak leaders in PRS, SPDP and PBB who have betrayed the trust of the people by working in cohort with Taib the pirate.

It will be a grave mistake again when the Dayaks support Malcolm Munssen who if elected will like all the other dayak leaders have his hands and feet chained and mouth sealed. Can we afford to let a vote for BN to help taib prolong and even perpetuate his evil regime by depriving us of our rights to developments, educations, medical cares,better living standards, all of which are enshrined in the UN charter for all human beings on earth.

By the standards of our present living conditions in the longhouses, we didnt even qualify to be called human. Do we need to name ourselves Rentap to rise up and be united to defeat Taib and BN Sarawak. Afraid Jabu has named his son Rentap and he too has become rich plantation owner, and also owner of shipping , logistic and road constructions.

Some of us maybe civil servants who are now living a comfortable live and may also be afraid that our career be jeopadised if we didnt vote BN. Let us be brave and not be selfish like our leaders as we may have parents,relatives and friends living in poverty in the longhouses.

It is time for us to rise and be united to defeat Taib and BN Sarawak. We pray to the lord to be merciful to us for not been merciful to any BN candidate who could be our our own family member, relative or friend.

VOTE PKR and PAKATAN for a change in government and a better and properous future without having to exchange our votes for more lies and putting an end to Taib and BN hegemony.

Hidup Ketuanan Rakyat

Anonymous said...

Iban batang ai mesti ngundi PKR. Kebuah ngambi ka sida Jabu enggau Taib bepeluh tuli. maioh agi pemansang ba menoa sarwak udah tu. Kebuah Perintah deka betukar ari BN ngagai Pakatan rakyat. Pulai ka kuasa ngagai Rakyat. Peda gaya pejuangan Pakatan rakyat. YB ulih duduk enggau sapa-sapa. Enda diberi ngirup enda ngawa. YB enda iboh dibasa enda apa. YB kerja ke rakyat.

Anonymous said...

****there is a program on Al Jazera called 101 east, it is about nepotism and cronyism with regards to CMS and CM and family****

make sure someone from PKR records it, puts it on VCD,DVD and gets it to all the longhouses and people of Batang Ai, let them see the people who want to be re-elected.
i think it airs on thursday but not sure.

Anonymous said...

Interesting facts from UiTM lecturers on the average households income of the various ethnic groups in Sarawak. Comparisons are made for the years 2004 and 2007.
2004 2007 % increase
(RM) (RM)
Malay 2717 3503 8.8 pc
Iban 1725 2243 9.2 pc
Bidayuh 1769 2723 15.5 pc
Melanau 2341 2858 6.9 pc
Chinese 4254 4768 3.9 pc
Other bumis 2146 2564 6.1 pc

It appears that the Ibans are the poorest people in Sarawak.
Why? Ask Jabu (he has been a minister since 1874) and also Masing. What have Jabu and Masing done to uplift the socio-well beings of the Ibans?

Unknown said...

Why do we have to blame Jabu and Masing only? Look at other dayak YBs and ministers in federal & state level? What have they done to the dayak? If we are to look back at our own home town in 5 years ago or 10 years ago and compare to the present time, are there any changes? Are those YBs mere puppet on the string? And who is the puppetmaster?
Those YBs can only talk but could not delivered.
Come on dayak, wake up!

Anonymous said...

suba iban ngayau diatu iban dingayau bansa bukai