Wednesday, March 11

Batang Ai by election: Taib confirms more names submitted

Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud today confirmed that more names have been submitted for consideration as a possible candidate for the Batang Ai by-election. And this seems to confirm the news disclosed by The Broken Shield yesterday.

In an interview with a national newspaper, he said that the Barisan Nasional would meet this Saturday and would name the candidate.

Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) James Masing had submitted the name of a senior civil servant to the chief minister. However, the chief minister was said to have asked for more names, so that he had a better choice to choose from the list.

Deputy Chief Minister Alfred Jabu also submitted another list of candidates for consideration.

Meanwhile, the youth leader of PRS of Batang Ai Branch, Vicker Andrew Enting wanted the BN to consider Nelson Naga Alam, private secretary to the late Dublin Unting to be a candidate.

The people, he said, would prefer a local rather than a parachute so-called professional to be a candidate.

“We will be very disappointed if Naga Alam is not the candidate,” he said.

Knowing that Taib was not happy with the PRS’ recommendation, two more persons have expressed interest to contest in the by-election as a BN candidate. One of them is a headmaster of a school and the other is an engineer.

Both of them have been conducting a signature campaign right in front of PKR officials today.

While PKR candidate is more or less settled, the Barisan Nasional candidate is uncertain and this has placed the PRS and BN leadership in a dilemma. - The Broken Shield



Anonymous said...

Taib surely will nominate name from PBB or pro PBB ( pro melayu)

Let us see.

and BN will by buying the vote.

8000 x RM100 = RM 800000..just a peice of cake..


Anonymous said...

So Jabu insists on having his way.Batang Ai is after all under Jabu's control as he is what is called the Simanggang or Second Division Iban.
Masingis from the Rajang, in fact Ulu Balleh.So he won't know anything.

Anonymous said...

Whoever they choose is irrelevant. Politics should be bigger than the candidate. The will to help the people of the area should be priority rather than enriching themselves.

But then again, every thing that Jabu touches turns to shit. I see from today's Borneo Post he is now resorting to associating everyone anti-BN that they will cause death and destruction when they visit longhouses. Can you believe this idiot? What about those YBs and other pro-BN ppl who have moved on to the next life? Are they there cause they support BN?

Someone should tell this anak Numpang that Politcs and Religion should not mix. He is too high on his pedestal that someone should knock him down a peg or 2...or throw a shoe or 2 at him.

Did someone notice that Taib's wife did not turn up for 1 of her scheduled function? Got media blackout it seems. So what will anak Numpang say? The Iban gods are not happy?

NEIL said...

Whoever BN put up does not matters. The most important thing in this by-election is the mindset of the dayaks in Batang Ai.If they want their land to be seize by BN,their lives turn upside down,their rice bowl threaten,the lies perpetuated,their cries for help ignored,their rights trampled etc, then go on and vote that bloody satan.If they want change then vote PKR.There should no fighting about who the candidate is.This window of opportunity ,if allow to slip by, then blame no one but the dayaks themselves.It's what these rural folks will be fed with,money,lies,false promises,shits by BN representatives,that they will decide their fate.If they can think for one minute about their future and that of their children, then change will be a reality.PKR must do their part to part information so that the rural folks will have a chance to see the dirty side of BN.
Let this be a fight PKR have to win.The dayaks MUST be allowed to chart their own course,not BN.

Anonymous said...

Just turn to page 15 of Berita Harian today where Taib said he had received several names. it is a slap on Masing's face. The question is did masing submitted only one name or more? if Taib said he had received more than one, then why did Masing said he submitted only one name? Who is telling the truth here?

Anonymous said...

Bravo! Well done PBB. All cheers to Jabu! You have done it again datuk.Masing is as good as dead rotten "ikan masing".
Jabu had submitted a list of candidates in an electorate allocated to PRS which means PBB can submit lists of candidates for other non PBB electorates as well regardless. Now thats the true colour of PBB leadership. Their agenda is eventually to run Sarawak under one banner-PBB. PBB has usurped all power sharing in the state BN. Are we dayaks going to fall for it or are we going to put a stop to this electorate hijacking. Lets sing a diiferent song in this Batang Ai by election?

Anonymous said...

Damm it, Just change the administrator. The dayak think too much of losing this and that.. talking bout known devil and unknown devil.. My goodness, thinking too much going to end in Rumah Org Gila..

Change.. Nothing is permanent.. Try new things.. such as a new government..

You only stay stagnant or permanent if you are six feet under .. but for now, just change.. Stop the stupid analysis and bickering.

Just change while you still can. Dont be dead in the inside.. The Dayak is a warrior!


Anonymous said...

Dear Joseph

It is nice to see you blogging everyday now. We need the daily update.

I hear xxx wife is very sick from cancer.

Anonymous said...


We dont have to wait for this Saturday to know the BN candidate, its confirmed - it will be Malcolm Mossen ak Penghulu Lamuh, a yet another PBB planted candidate for PRS. Apart from Jabu, his candidacy was also strongly supported by two PBB-connected strongmen in LA, the district officer and Nyallau. So this saturday's meeting is mere formality. Taib may announce Mossen's name that day or use the oft-repeated excuse that the State BN has reached an unanimous decision on the candidacy and will let the PM to announce his name. Either way, it will still be Mossen. THE QUESTION NOW IS, WOULD BATANG AI VOTERS ALLOW ANOTHER PBB-NOMINATED CANDIDATE TO BE THEIR ELECTED REPRESENTATIVE?

Anonymous said...

Tetea, What you say maybe correct, but hard to implement, This is by- election, not general election. You should go an campaign and tell the Iban in Batang Ai of the current situation.We need people like you, but put more into action. I am not an Iban, I just came back last night from Batang Ai, the voters there no nothing about the current problems that we all face. They says, if the government is releasing the fuel subsidy next week, "pama gak" mantu kitai ari ke nadai. Pemakang sako aja-a-a sida-nya. So this is the trend.

Anonymous said...

Of course Taib want more names. Batang Ai is just a small game. He can afford to lose Batang Ai. Taib's real game is continuos division among the Dayaks - Taib's greatest threat. So, it's only natural a Taib say he wants more names. Jabu will give a name; Masing will give a name. Jabu's choice of man is not the same as Masing's choice of man. Of course!!!! So? Apa lagi, berlawan lah Dayak lagi!

UMB said...

A challenge to Pakatan Rakyat - deliver the projects now and stop talking
Since you have the all the greatest ideas on how to develop Sarawak. I ask, may the people of Batang Ai borrow your money from Selangor, Penang, Kelantan, Kedah, etc.. for them to buy all the infrastructure that the BN can’t deliver. If you need to charge the people of Batang Ai any interest, well do so. Its business anyway.

Please start sending tiang api, cable karan, jalai tar, ramu kena nganti rumah ke udah burok, paip ai.. anjung meh diatu. Enda ibuh nganti muai undi 7 April ila. Nadai nya maioh deh enti amat ka nulung bansa Iban di Lubok Antu din. Siti Selangor, siti Penang engka cukup kini kena meri project Pakatan Rakyat ngagai rakyat Batang Ai.

Enti idea tu nyadi… nya baru nulung rakyat! Pakatan Rakyat sigi nulung rakyat - bedau menang udah datai projek PR datai! Sigi tau di tiki ngena babi ngena manok, enggai ke salah burong.

Bula Pakatan Rakyat enda menang enti sida start ari diatu nganjung lori mai tar, roller kena ngindik jalai ngambi ke lis.. Guni klorin, ngambi ke ai bisi di irup. Why wait if you think it can be done.

Bedurok meh enggau sida Batang Ai dulu. Diatu sida Selangor, Penang, etc meh nurok nganjong project ke deka ati. Ila Batang Ai ga nganjong tali karan kena ngidup ke api sida sepiak nyin.

You scratch my back, I’ll scratch your back, too.. eh Brother Anwar.

The Ibans are simple - they will vote for you if they see your projects right infront of their eyes. So, start delivering what you think can improve the Iban livelihood (exclude the talking and talking.. just like what you think the BN have been doing).

Nya utai ke pinta rakyat baka aku tu. Tengkiu.. buss for reading. Anang ringat, sigi asai iya.. (ketawa gop buddy ku nyin ninga).


The best piece of posting which have provided some ammunition for PKR. This posting leads to the fact that a dayak blogger do not trust BN, hence the need to challenge PKR to provide development via loans from other states which is visible to Batang Ai voters.

Anonymous said...

hostage88: deliver the votes first.